Rihanna Makes the Move to 12-Bedroom House


Rihanna is moving on up to a house in the hills. The pop diva is about to settle down in a 12-bedroom modernist mansion that she purchased in April 2010, calling it her first real home.

The Bajan babe spent a few years learning the market before splurging on her dream property high above the hills of L.A. “I looked steady for two years, and it is way above the price I was looking for, but I loved it,” she told Vogue.

RiRi, who poses on the magazine’s April cover, went with a white motif for the bachelorette pad. “It is all white,” she continued, revealing accents that display her personal style. “There is a gun chandelier in the middle of the living room. In one room, I have this huge black-and-white painting of Bob Marley, and the wallpaper is green, yellow, and red, the African-flag colors.”

She won’t have too much time to enjoy her new crib, with plans to kick off her “LOUD” tour on June 4 at Baltimore’s 1st Mariner Arena. The trek, which features Cee Lo Green on the North American leg, will make its way to New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Madrid.

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  1. Flexxx

    Live your life mama. And she just finished her photoshoot for Rolling stone.


    Dee dee Reply:


    Is it a cover shoot??


    Flexxx Reply:

    @Dee dee, it seems so. She tweeted about it.


  2. Jay Scorpio

    well done baby gurl you deserve to have a nice home like everyone else… you been working hard enuff

    look forward to seeing the LOUD tour



    on top of the wprld literally!just finished vogue and already on to cover rolling stone.


  4. RagaRoy

    Keep your roots and the tree will bloom continously…nuff respect,bless!!


  5. Brown Sugar

    I hope she doesn’t move her rumored new boo (Colin) into that new dream home!


  6. GGGB

    african flag colors? she shoulda have spent that money on her education rather than some fancy crib.


  7. wauwasota

    rihanna finished school,,, and cadet school and who needs school when theres people coming out of college who can’t find a good job after finishing college. rihanna has a castle and its loaded many, many bath rooms, a movie theater, gourmet kitchen, and her
    castle is loaded with beautiful furnishings, she has pool hot tubes the works. she works hard and she deserves her own castle that is just fitting for PRINCESS RIHANNA”.


    OMG Reply:

    @wauwasota, you rock it with your comment!!Nice job!

    PRIncess Riri


  8. wauwasota

    @ brown sugar,,, don’t believe all that you hear, and only part of what you see. many lies has been spread about rihanna and in the ladt two years theres only been two fellows that the world knows of whos been connected and seen with her on vacations etc.
    you know people are going to talk and huh i say let them because riri has her head on her shoulders right and she sure does know exactly what dang time it is. dam with a net worth 60 million and counting i’d say rihanna has work on her mind.


  9. Triple ONE

    Glad to hear. I remember reading last year that she was having money problems.


  10. lu

    Africans flag colors?? Really rihanna? Wow.


    GRRRR Reply:

    @lu, Let’s show us what your house look like.


  11. ME

    Rihanna has ruled out Ryan. They aren’t dating and never were. She said that on twitter a cple weeks ago. And the Colin reports have been shot down as well. People just make up this stuff if she’s seen on the same show or at the same party, it seems.

    Or maybe Rihanna’s people plant these fakes stories because she’s getting into acting and stuff. Who knows.

    And Rihanna and Matt Kemp have been done since Nov. Soooo….the only one left standing is Drake. *Ahem* They may not be “dating” but I bet there’s something there cuz their chemistry lately has been veeeery telling. Hips don’t lie, as Shakira says lol


  12. barisua

    Much pimping off Eminem and Love the way you lie payoff !!!!


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  14. CaliBorn?fr33

    Go Rihanna..,!! You deserve this wonderful opportunity…I love your music, you are a wonderful being….. God bless


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