Video: Jay Sean f/ Lil Wayne – ‘Hit the Lights’

Jay Sean

Jay Sean flips the switch on the Bille Woodruff-directed video for “Hit the Lights,” a lead single from his fourth album Freeze Time, due July 5. Cash Money’s British import busts a move against a CGI cityscape as lights flash across the screen, slowing it down for a dance break and make-out session with a sexy video vixen. His YMCMB fam Lil Wayne, Birdman, and DJ Khaled make appearances. Light speed ahead.

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    love the added dubstep but all the potential for this vid went down once it became obvious that Jay Sean wasn’t even going to attempt to show some type of dance move. This is a dancing video and all he did was sway back and forth – i love the song and i love this version of the song even better than the original but i don’t like this video


  2. andrew

    i cant see the video :\


  3. sagb

    like the song…the video was kinda lame and cheap looking


  4. bknyhustle

    great video…


  5. asunkee

    Love the dubstep at the end


  6. dgerh

    Jay Sean flips the switch on the Bille Woodruff-directed video for “Hit the Lights,


  7. D=ave

    Great Song but the line about taking picture with your IPHONE seems really weird when he sings in the song ! Over all he’s a great artist !


    listen Reply:

    @D=ave, hhahaha. The transitions are killing me!


  8. nasha

    Jay is an awesome n great looking artist.
    Altho the video was on some lines same as 2012 video altho jay doesnt show his side of dancin with the back up dancers which would have made the video more jumping.

    the make out sequence in the song doesnt show anything to do with “hit the lights”. The question is was the lip lock appropriate for the video. What about his real girlfriend on that note about the make out scene. The video was okay but not appealing. honest side jay could have shown us something different that would make us jump out of our seats.


  9. Erika

    Wow, he could have at least TRIED to dance. Pathetic. The intro of the video is good, but it just goes downhill from there. The model looks like a tranny version of Kim Kardashian and the dancers look look so unprofessional. And the excessive CGI was just bad and unnecessary. They could have used a real set for the party. And why does Birdman have to be in every one of Jay’s vids?


  10. Maf

    Wow! This is amazing! I didn’t think anything could top ‘Down’ but it looks like Jay and Weezy have done it again! Love the dubstep part at the end!


  11. JSFUK

    This is crazy! Jay looks hot the entire time! Reppin’ YMCMB for real! Love the whole concept of the video!


  12. Alecia

    I love the whole video!!! The added dubstep bit at the end is really sickkk!!! Super cool!


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