Odd Future Won’t Compromise Music for Money

Odd Future

Hip-hop newcomers Odd Future, whose members Mike G., Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean, Syd the Kid, Left Brain, Domo Genesis, and Hodgy Beats are pictured above, steal the spotlight in this Sunday’s Los Angeles Times. The much-buzzed-about Cali collective has reportedly been fielding offers from major labels including Bad Boy and Roc Nation, but insists they won’t let money get in the way of their music.

“I always wanted to sign to Interscope when I was a kid because it was the label of Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. I want a boat. I want a Grammy,” said leader Tyler, who will release his commercial debut Goblin on May 10. “But I’d never sign a deal without 100% creative control. You lose a lot when you sign with the major labels. I’d rather be broke than have to rap over the same chord progressions as everyone else.”

All eyes will be on OFWGKTA when they perform at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Indio, Calif., this Friday.

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  1. totz

    i hope u guys realize that you are still newcomers and that buzz can die easily so hurry up and release your shit.

    you can not have full control as a newcomer and to stay relevant you have to go pop(bob,wiz) or hard(waka, gucci) to have hits.


    john Reply:

    @totz, they’ve been releasing music for over a year now////
    Tyler is signed to XL on a one album deal and Hodgy is signed to Fat Possum to re-release his first album. They are hardly new-comers.

    AND WHAT??? “to stay relevant you have to go pop(bob,wiz) or hard(waka, gucci) to have hits.” Wow you must not know anything about relevant music. Top 10, Radio hits means you’re not relevant. It usually means you’ve sold into to commercial, corporate, bullshit music industry. Right now the indie labels they’re on continually release the best music. I think the last place Tyler wants to see his music go is the shitty radio station you listen to.


    mon Reply:

    @totz, co-sign never heard this cat but the comment he made has been said by ever major music artist today Jay-z. kanye, lupe……the sell out comes out eventually in rappers these days


    ____gvg Reply:

    @mon, EXACTLY!! I’m glad they won’t sell out.. Hip Hop is officially back.


    Names Reply:

    @mon, wow kanye a sell out?
    pretty sure he released his latest album without even one song on the radio
    all of the lights bearly came out on rotation
    and his music is the best shit
    tyler does whatever he feels like and i know them.. earl is dead . like really. sofor real stop asking


  2. 49ers160

    Honestly, frank ocean needs to dip out this group. you could tell from this picture alone that he don’t belong.


    asunkee Reply:

    @49ers160, lmao! IKR!


  3. danri

    souljaboy had full control on interscope, n being part of interscope is the best decision


  4. Mmm

    They are becoming annoying. Ok don’t make money for music, i thouroughly agree with that but you don’t need to clam it every 2 mins, damn. Elitist fake shit Their music is for the one who think “yeah i listen some underground shit, i’m sooo awesome”.


    hated it Reply:

    @Mmm, you hit the nail on the head. they think they’re better than everyone else, but they aren’t. as soon as they lose their buzz they’ll be selling out and going against each other like everyone else.


  5. meme

    oh f**kin please. Who these bunch of ugly nikkas think they are. If they cant compromise then they can expect to fail. Any artist who are tryin to become mainstream will have to compromise at some point. And if you aint tryna become mainstream, then good luck findin a label. Labels want money.


  6. AAA

    Didn’t kno frank ocean was apart of them, wow that’s wassup


    ...... Reply:

    @AAA, uh duh…


    AAA Reply:

    @……, lol don’t a duh me, I’m not On thier dick like that, but i am starting to like them a lot


  7. roro

    good on them. i say go to good music or shady records. shady is already one of the hardest crew, plus good music needs some hardcore artists!


  8. ME

    LMAO….ok, same thing lupe said back in ’05. They’ll be industry puppets in no time.


  9. awm

    super ego holdin the rest of them back.

    also lol @ top 10 meaning you’re not relevant. in 10 years all this indie label best music is gonna be equivalent to the 90s, 2000s backpacker bullshit that nobody takes seriously now


    Beacon Reply:




  10. AnKkA

    so, is that thing in the white T-shirt a man or a woman, I’m confused…?!


    Devin Reply:

    @AnKkA, She is the female in the group. No boobs whatsoever.


    asunkee Reply:

    @AnKkA, *DEAD, chilling with Jesus*


  11. Texas

    Either your going to sell your soul like Nicki Minaj or stay true to yourself like Lupe Fiasco.Just choose already it’s not that hard.


    Dallas Champ Reply:

    @Texas, Lupe Fiasco had to make compromises to his record label. He resisted at first. At one point, he was SUICIDAL. It can be tough on an artist. A record label is a BUSINESS.


    Beacon Reply:

    @Dallas Champ,

    And business is evil.


  12. Phoenix_Wright

    I may not be into them but they have a point. And there are a few examples of people in the industry that didn’t have people alter their creative control. Janelle Monae, Bun B, and drake are great examples.


  13. buddyreal

    scratch the other comments..im anticipating their performance friday. Theses are my guys. OFWGKTA

    if u dnt like them, dont come to a post about them-simple!


  14. Mr Xclusive

    these guys are a joke, no talent


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    While posting on Digg yesterday I noticed this…

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