Rye Rye Adds More ‘Bang’ to Debut with Pharrell, Bangladesh

Rye Rye

Rye Rye has kept fans waiting on her debut Go! Pop! Bang! since 2009, but it’s for the right reasons. M.I.A.’s protégée recently headed back into the studio with a gang of big-shot producers to record new material for her spring release.

“Now it’s just basically me deciding to go in and record new stuff to swap in and out of the album, just to refresh it,” the Baltimore MC told Rap-Up.com. “Just getting to that comfortable place and deciding what songs I want to use and just going in and recording to see what I can get out of it. I might actually record songs that I like better or want to put on the album or take off. Basically, getting into my comfort zone.”

The 20-year-old, who released the M.I.A.-assisted “Sunshine” last year, hit the studio with producers including Bangladesh (who helmed the club banger “Hatter” and street cut “Homeboy”), So Japan, Christian Rich, The Villains, and Pharrell, who added some tribal flair to the upbeat “Shake, Twist, Drop.”

“We did a drum beat. To me, it sounds like just a bunch of drums. It’s real dope. It’s an uptempo beat, of course,” she explained. “It sounds like tribal drums, to be exact. M.I.A. said it reminded her of home.”

While M.I.A. previously served as executive producer, she’s taking a more backseat approach by approving cuts from afar. “She started working on her album and touring, so it’s sort of like she was trying to manage both, but I was still going it alone, doing my own thing and recording,” she said of Maya, who appears on four cuts. “But at the end of the day, all of the tracks go to M.I.A. and she says which ones she likes and doesn’t like. She’s major on the album. They go to her for all the decisions and stuff.”

In anticipation of the release of Go! Pop! Bang! Rye Rye heated up the Internet with her DJ Sega-hosted mixtape RYEotpowRR. Fans can catch the energetic performer live at this weekend’s Coachella Festival in Indio, Calif.

–Steven J. Horowitz

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  1. Kyle

    I hope this gets released at least by the summer. I’ve been hyping this album for quite some time now. If it sounds anything like M.I.A.’s stuff (which I’m sure it does) then I will definitely go out and buy it.


  2. Will

    I love this chick. This album is going to be fucking onnnn.


  3. Ryeder

    oh damn, oh damn at last some news. Thanks Rap-Up. Hmmm sounds like she’s scraping Go! Pop! Bang! ’09 for a completely new one. I can’t wait nonetheless, hopefully Summer ’11 :D


  4. oso_jo_ro

    release it already! lol


  5. Dave

    I’m interested. Can’t wait to it releases


  6. Ikaryss

    it better be out in May otherwise I don’t know what kind of hell I will raise haha.


  7. Ikaryss

    so sad it’s still not out :(


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