Jamie Foxx Keeps a Protective Eye on His Teenage Daughter

Jamie Foxx dug into his family ties on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” today. The Rio star, who performed a snippet of his hit “Blame It” during a commercial break, spoke on how his relatives live in his house and how their situation would make for an entertaining show.

“If I had a reality show, I’d blow everybody out of the water,” he said. “We all live in one house. But we comin’.”

The single father shared that it’s not so easy to find a girlfriend. “If there’s anyone out there that’ll have me, have a guy out there who can sing… It’s just tough out here. It’s tough, because I’m so fragile,” he joked.

And when you have a teenage daughter, dating becomes even harder. “I have to be careful having a 17-year-old daughter. We walk out of a restaurant, they take pictures of me and her and they say, ‘Jamie Foxx with a young hottie.’ Like they think she’s actually my girl,” he said. “But she’s incredible, filling out. She’s walking down the street in Beverly Hills, people are blowing horns. I’m literally in the street, ‘You stop it! Walk past me! Hide ya butt!’ I’m so overprotective.”

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