Kanye West Closes Coachella with a Bang

Kanye West

Kanye West was crowned king at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. The hip-hop mastermind delivered an electrifying performance on Sunday night (April 17), closing out the three-day festival in Indio, Calif.

Opening his three-act spectacular with the instrumental to “H•A•M,” Mr. West was lifted above thousands of festivalgoers in dramatic fashion as the lyrics “Can we get much higher?” played. Clad in an open-chested top by Céline and light blue jeans, he made his way to the stage as dancers dressed as phoenixes pranced around to “Dark Fantasy” while Bon Iver provided backing vocals. Fireworks erupted over the desert as “POWER” blared from the speakers.

“This is the most important show to me since my mom passed,” announced Yeezy. “As many times [as] I thought about not being here, you all make it worth it.”

For Act 2, he broke out the 808s & Heartbreak, performing “Love Lockdown,” “Say You Will,” and “Heartless.” The M.I.A.-sampled “Swagga Like Us” preceded the stadium anthem “We Will Rock You,” before he spit his verse from Katy Perry’s “E.T. (Remix).”

Longtime fans were elated when he dipped into material from his debut with “Through the Wire” and “All Falls Down,” but it was “Gold Digger” and “All of the Lights” that received the warmest reception. Despite Rihanna’s appearance at the festival, she was a no-show during his set.

A wardrobe change gave way to Act 3. In his signature red suit, Kanye performed “Runaway” with ballerinas and G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T, dressed in all white. “Lost in the World” followed before “Hey Mama.”

“This is the last song of the night,” said ‘Ye before staging the dedication to his late mother Donda West, who was undoubtedly looking down and smiling.


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  1. Joe



    ... Reply:

    @Joe, you’re an idiot


    AAA Reply:

    @…, thank you for saying it for me


    The Beast Reply:

    @Joe, You are a fucking moron


  2. missz



  3. Tev

    The fucking best forget what u heard


  4. you

    @Joe, Overhated. :/


  5. Playboy P 78

    deine mutter ist overrated


    chaco Reply:

    @Playboy P 78, hahaha schon geil wenns keiner versteht nicht :D


    .....i Reply:

    @chaco, eww…loser


    KidCastro Reply:

    @Playboy P 78, hahah so siehts aus ;)


    .... Reply:

    @Playboy P 78, hahaha….wie geil!!! :D;D


  6. shay

    And this is why he is considered a ‘genius’

    You gotta give up to him for for putting on such an amazing show, playing nearly every single hit of his career & being so real with it.

    You either love him or you hate him but you cannot deny that he SLAYED! coachella.From Through the Wire to All of the Lights…Who would have thought?


  7. Devingod

    He puts on a great show. Money must not be an object with all those dancers.


  8. Dennis Drazzy Bennitos Jr

    you go Yeezy!!


  9. Olkainry



    Mr Xclusive Reply:

    @Olkainry, no


    Fame Reply:

    @Olkainry, Yes it was


  10. Noringtone

    He’s a genius. That words over used but Kanye deserves it.


  11. jeremydante



  12. Heminem

    Kanye you are a genius and a legend. Dare I say still the brightest light in hip hop.

    Haven’t even watched the videos yet!


  13. the cool

    Straight Magic


  14. Mr. Black

    No one can put a show like kanye… we gotta give him that… nigga is a beast!!


  15. roro

    greatest performance OF ALL TIME
    this guy wasn’t being arrogant when he said he’s a genius. he was being modest.


  16. Jade

    I just sat here and watched the whole thing. This guy is amazing. He gave 110%. I’m really impressed. Great concert!


    ultrakid Reply:

    @Jade, he definitely gave 110%, did you see how much energy this guy has…wowww!


  17. Jordan

    I dont know what to say. KING KING KING KING KING !! legendary


  18. Jade

    They better release this on DVD/Blu-Ray LOL


  19. saio

    i almost think he gonna sing his verse from “forever” & “knock you down” if he preform “swagger like us” & “ET”
    izzy live on


  20. princesmooth1

    Great 2 See Kanye Get So much Love


  21. CheChilia

    Kanye <3


  22. Fame

    Amazing fucking show. Kanye is a real nigga, keeps it real..and said some funny shit throughout the show. Living Legend


  23. Fame

    That was heart felt..inspiring, great, fuckin awesome


  24. bobbyle0

    whoa he fucked up his own lyrics on “Dark Fantasy” he said rebuild the soul and rebuild the energy, its respark the soul at 4:22


  25. ed

    he is so epic. really one of the best rappers right now


  26. Jai3-Diggz

    All i will say is “IMSPIRED”


  27. C94B

    He is so human, that’s beautiful. The stage is way too big for him, both literally and figuratively. Even he feels it, IMO. But it matters to him, he needed and loved doing it. Very happy for him.

    And he’s got a long-ass list of hits.


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