Behind the Video: Nicole Scherzinger f/ 50 Cent – ‘Right There’

50 Cent and Nicole Scherzinger

50 Cent got hands on with Nicole Scherzinger on set of the video for “Right There,” the lead single from her U.S. debut Killer Love. Directed by Paul Hunter, the clip sees the labelmates getting down to the upbeat tune in the “concrete urban paradise” of downtown Los Angeles, with the former Pussycat Doll sharing her love for her co-star in between takes.

“50 has been a friend of mine. He did his thing on the song. I thought I was cool until 50 showed up and he was a little cooler,” laughed Nicole. “He brought the energy and the spirit. He’s 50 for a reason. He’s the real deal. So just being around him ups the game and it was a lot of fun.”

Sneak a peek at the behind-the-scenes action courtesy of MTV’s “The Seven.”

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  1. iadioa

    50 is tha boss!


  2. danri

    sounds nice


  3. Killer Love

    OMG!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!


  4. Andrew

    OMG! Looks hot!


  5. Mickey



  6. Marlon

    oh god, these outfit are terrible and the colors are hurting my eyes. Who styled her? Nobody who wants to help her relaunching her career…lol

    and she is really dislikable. The song is kind of nice, but for a different artist. Sorry, Nicole but I highly doubt that u can have a real solo career…


    Poisonous Reply:

    @Marlon, you’re a hypocrit.. You never give credit where its due. Shame, poor soul


  7. Ty

    Can’t wait


  8. dj_miki

    WOWWWWWWWWWW she is HOT! i love the outfit cant wait for the video!


  9. TheCool

    @Marlon, You’re so ignorant. Nicole Scherzinger was #1 in the UK with her second solo single Don’t Hold Your Breath. And she’s so adorable!

    I think you’re jealous and fake! Bye bye little hater! Nobody want your stupid ignorant comment.


  10. cooley boy

    50 on another hit


  11. toni

    gorl bye, Ciara is not thinking about that gorilla 50 cent, she is dating Amare Stoudemire


  12. oso_jo_ro

    she does no wrong in my book!
    I love her…and hopefully this one right here will be a hit!
    it deserves to be.


  13. justin

    The song may take off in the US…But I wanted a dance track but w/e we’ll see what happens


  14. Mickey

    @toni NO SHE AINT!


  15. ft hona

    nice collab


  16. Idea

    the black outfit looks hot too
    love the song
    remix sounds great maybe the could make it more heavy beats?

    but i love you nicole
    number 1 for sure


  17. Elton John



  18. Nicole#1Fan

    wooow cant waiit shesooow hoot cant wait to se da video!!! 1st #1 us singleee!!! ( :


  19. Bijan

    i really hope this is hot. b/c she has a tendency to flop w/ singles.
    she needs to bring the swag!
    shes more talented than rihanna, if she brings it, she could replace her


  20. Me



  21. Sejla

    SHE is hot and the video will be great, she changed the song so she wrote on her facebook profile….can’t wait to hear it…


  22. Nicolew

    Keeping my fingers crossed for her! Can’t wait for the video


  23. lili

    OMG Nicole Rocks! she is so talented this will be HIT IN US! say yeah


  24. HerNameIsNicole

    lol, she seems very excited.


  25. infamous

    Wow, the video looks amazing! Can´t wait for it.


  26. joe franco

    i cant wait!!!! this is awesome!!!! when is this on itunes??????


  27. Auzcorp


    [...] || Behind the Video: Nicole Scherzinger f/ 50 Cent – ‘Right There’[...]…

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