Video: Chris Brown and Justin Bieber Perform in Australia

Chris Brown met up with Justin Bieber Down Under to perform “Look at Me Now” during the teen idol’s show at the Acer Arena in Sydney, Australia. The Biebs filled in for Busta, spitting his tongue-twisting verse as Chris played hypeman. Before being joined by his friend, Bieber covered Breezy’s “With You.” Both heartthrobs are currently touring in the country.

“The show tonight was craaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyy!!!! @justinbieber LEGGGOO! shut it down,” tweeted Chris, who later met up with the 17-year-old singer for some bowling.

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  1. RAH RAH

    Justin slaayyyed Busta’s verse!


    impressed Reply:

    wow! he hit that hoe!:)


  2. sunflower27828

    LOOK AT HIM NOW…….LOOK AT HIM NOW………I’m so happy 4 U Breezy….OWN that stage….


  3. Naya

    Forever slayed lmao King Breezy Prince Bieber #swag


  4. abbs

    wish i was there they killed it!!!


  5. Neickha

    So cute :)


  6. laura



  7. ashton

    beiber voice changed……he sounds like a frog


  8. tiffany



  9. Misty Jean

    I wish I could HEAR. Damn ladies, lol.


  10. WonderLand19

    I need a ‘Next to you’ vid in the coming months, that song is beautiful!



  11. vladica07

    They killed it! <3 Brezzy <3


  12. SARITA

    OMG!!!! they are so good,i love both of them and i was really surprised wen justin actually did busta’s part


  13. STAR

    I guess da beibstr kill it LOL


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