Stars React to Osama bin Laden’s Death

Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco, and Keri Hilson

After the breaking news of Osama bin laden’s death, Twitter was flooded with reactions from people across the world. The hip-hop and R&B community weighed in with its thoughts on the historic moment. Some were beaming with pride, others anxious about the future, and a few even skeptical. Read a selection of tweets—from Rihanna and Keri Hilson to Lupe Fiasco and Game.


Maxwell: for the victims, the soldiers & the families who suffer loss or wait even now for the return of loved ones #THANKYOU

Lupe Fiasco: Now kill poverty, wack schools, and US imperialism…

D. Woods: How do they know Bin Laden is dead when they could find his ass for 10 damn years


Jazmine Sullivan: say what now??? osama was at the corner store and got shot? what happened yall?? i just came in the house.

Fabolous: When they 1st told me Osama died, 1st thing I said was “Word, I jus seen Osama”..


Chrisette Michele: Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Oh My Goodness.

Shanell: so now can the gas prices go down?

?uestlove: I hope those rejoicing can hear O’s words that to engage in anti Islam/Muslim rhetoric is missing the point

John Legend: Peace and love to everyone worldwide. Bin laden responsible for deaths of so many outside of the US as well

Lady Gaga: Just landed. Watching CNN, what a historical moment in the fight against hatred.

Game: Bin Laden gone….they n!gga DEAAAAD (@kanyewest voice)

Katy Perry: AMERICA FUCK YEAH, HERE TO SAVE THE MOTHER FUCKIN DAY YEAH! … I believe in justice… but don’t u think that an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind? …But in general (& then after this I’ll go back to being an opinion less popstar) It is a GREAT day 4 America & I’m PROUD 2 b an American!

Big Boi: They must be passin out free gas cards in front of the white house…them motherfuckaz crunk

Lloyd: We should never celebrate the death of another. Especially thru violence. Be happy tht some things hv come to an end, but lets be God-minded

Kelly Rowland: Let’s all continue to pray for world peace.

Timbaland: dang they killed him 4real

Keri Hilson: Woke up to great news!! I only wish we could hear Osama Bin Laden speak now. I’m not happy he’s “dead” but I am happy that justice prevails. … I don’t know about you, but I’m stayin prayed UP!! A lot has been happening on this dear earth at an unusually frequent pace.

Ciara: OBAMA!!! God Bless America!

Snoop Dogg: Rip to everybody who was taken on 911. Let the troops bac home n lower gas prices let’s live happily ever after!! Bring the soldiers bac home asap! They r missed! We love how they fight for us now let’s fight for them!!

Nick Cannon: “OBAMA GOT OSAMA!”

LeToya Luckett: They done fount the Lil homie & dropped bombs! *cues bombs over Baghdad by Outkast*

Busta Rhymes: We r living in the middle of & witnessing very interesting times. Pay close attention 2 everything but also read btwn the lines…

Adrienne Bailon: Feeling anxious.

Solange: Im anxious….

Rihanna: Rumpupupum Rumpupupum Rumpupupuuum #ManDown

Ashanti: Many blessings of comfort & closure to the families touched by 9/11.

Monica: As I say Goodnight, Im Praying 4 our Country, our troops,our president & our people as a whole. God is still in control God Bless America

Nicki Minaj: God bless the troops.

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  1. Kwayzee

    RIHANNA NAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Rihannastann! Reply:

    @Kwayzee, Yessssssss!lmaoo I love Rih Rih for that tweet!!


    MinajFreak Reply:

    @Rihannastann!, Yeeaaahhh Sheee & Llyod Tweeted Thee Best Thing! lol


    kerihanna Reply:

    @MinajFreak, helll yeeaaaaaahhhh,,, rampupupum rampupupum mandown!!


  2. Jessica

    lmao rihanna is a fool


  3. Sharlyn H

    Lmaooo Rihanna killed the shit ouf me !! haahah


  4. GG

    Really? @Kwayzee that what you’re going with! Ugh!


  5. GG

    They’re comments are very telling about who they are and where they stand on ccertain issues. Maxwell, Lupe, ?estlove, Busta, Keri Hilson & even Shanell’s comments actually have some depth to them or at least they make you think.


    No ma'am Reply:

    @GG, Like. Lloyd had me saying “Hmmm.” I like him even more now ;)


    meds Reply:

    @GG, i second that.


  6. Naya

    Dead at Rihannas reaction “Rumpupupum Rumpupupum Rumpupupuuum #ManDown” I am DEAAAAD lmfaooooo but I like what busta said “read between the lines”


  7. sabrina



  8. Wowsers

    Man for being in the hip hip community some of these folks are pussies.


  9. laura

    ohh dear.rihanna is talking about her shit vidoe


  10. say what

    u go riri, you know you are


  11. say what

    @ laura kiss a duck, hater


  12. say what

    thy are all artist and they are saying whats on their minds. whos going to check any of them?


  13. dav

    Rihanna fazendo graça com a tragedia humana. Que horror. E ainda tem orgulho de se dizer cantora, uma fanha que nada canta e nada dança, e agora tambem nada pensa.


    Braulio Reply:

    @dav, cada um tem a sua opinião, se voce não gostou o que ela disse problema seu, mais eu acho que ela tem “sense of humor” O George bush tambem não pensava muito mais foi presidente durante 8anos???


  14. Dude

    Great comment by Lupe Fiasco!!

    But guys who think that terror is over now and it will affect the world’s situation in any serious way are just naive.


  15. Sharp Tongue

    The Game and RiRi had the best ones but, I’m not sure things are over so this is not a time for celebration god is in control real talk.


  16. wow...

    I like Lloyd’s comment the most.


    ME AGAIN Reply:


    Yes, it was quite a response. Seeing the jubilation in the crowd at the Whitehouse did not sit well with me. There were children there as well. Blood shed for more blood shed. It’s all so wrong.


  17. Lakers!

    Snoop Dogggg!


  18. Name


    FABOLOUS, J.DUPRI (and in the 50% Lupe Fiasco)


    John Reply:



  19. JLP

    Haha My god Rihanna.. i just shot a man down…


  20. philly11

    I’m with Lloyd, Keri, and Monica. Happy a step was taken and families who were affected by 9/11 maybe have some type of closure from this. All respect to our armed forces. Still, this will only make them come 10x harder the next time, so the only answer is to stay prayed up!


  21. Billionaire

    Ahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Dead @ RiRi, was thinking the exact same thing!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. Kyle

    LOL, everyone reacts differently but I can really appreciate the more introspective tweets. Busta Rhymes and Keri Hilson speak the truth. Very insightful tweets.


  23. Tiago

    Still have many people hungry in the world. Everybody only want money.


  24. RAH RAH

    I guess that was perfect timing for Rih to quote the lyrics from “Man Down”. Haaa



    Lmfaooo @ rihanna’s!!!!! A lil comic relief aint hurt nobody but I also like some of the introspective ones


  26. Raheem

    I’d be willing to bet bush had him buried in arlington national cemetery back in ’02…i mean duh! *kanye shrugs*


  27. Fred

    Way to go Rihanna showing such maturity with your comment, and using any situation to promote yourself, nice

    Busta-read this instead people


    aaliyah Reply:

    YES Lupe


    rip M.J. Reply:

    @Fred, its called “comedic relief”, don’t take things so seriously, this is a time of celebration, sheeeeeeesh!!!!!!!!


  28. Speechless

    I dont understand Rihanna’s response but then again I dont listen to her crappy music. Anyway I like Keri’s take on it. She’s absolutely right.


  29. Ciara stan

    you go cici! hahaha *dead* at rihanna she had me rollng on the floor


  30. RIP Left Eye & Luther Vandross

    notice dat kanye n jay aint on dis. still dont think dat nigga b dead


  31. iLoveRihanna

    Rihanna’s answer killed me LMAO
    She’s always funny :)


  32. MaZ

    Lupe Fiasco: Now kill poverty, wack schools, and US imperialism >>> SPEAK YOUR MIND LUPE!

    Shanell: so now can the gas prices go down? >>> DUMB!

    John Legend: Peace and love to everyone worldwide. Bin laden responsible for deaths of so many outside of the US as well >>> THANK YOU!

    Lloyd: We should never celebrate the death of another. Especially thru violence. Be happy tht some things hv come to an end, but lets be God-minded >>> SO TRUE!

    Kelly Rowland: Let’s all continue to pray for world peace. >>> WE NEED IT!

    Busta Rhymes: We r living in the middle of & witnessing very interesting times. Pay close attention 2 everything but also read btwn the lines >>> YOU SAID IT!


  33. Natalia

    ‘Lloyd- This is true.



    rihanna promote her shit anytime…..this is about ben laden not your flop single please!


    ME AGAIN Reply:


    It’s called humour. Yes, it’s a little plug for the single but it was meant to be funny. Too bad you didn’t get it, little monster.



    @ME AGAIN, ok who run this world… is not osama!!!!


    ME AGAIN Reply:


    I agree with ya there. It sure ain’t him. I would go as far as saying it sure ain’t Barrack or any of our so called world leaders. Who really run the world? The dudes that control our world leaders. They pick out prime ministers/presidents they choose who we go to war with and they control the media. As a result they attempt to control what and how we think and believe.


  35. Name here

    i like rihanna but this is not the time to promote your single.


  36. anyone

    jajaja Osama never existed!!! It was a invention from USA Government

    I am so sad that people believe this!


    Name here Reply:

    @anyone, so al-Queda is fake as well and 9/11 was caused bush…what do you base ur facts on…


  37. Poisonous

    LMAO Rihanna is the fuckin’ best


  38. Abdullah

    lol nicki is so simple <3 her n rihanna one was awesome
    btw i dont believe they got him!


  39. brian b...

    I don’t care much for the troll but I follow her on twitter cause of her sense of humor, sometimes a little inappropriate but she kills me every time!! #mandown


    ME AGAIN Reply:

    @brian b…,

    Care enough to follow. If she a troll what does that make you? Lol.


  40. Lawrence

    Lupe Fiasco: Now kill poverty, wack schools, and US imperialism…
    Couldn’t have said it better…

    Shanell: so now can the gas prices go down?
    That me laugh so hard.


  41. eddy

    i really liked what snoop and busta said, i hope we find peace after what happin today, and i hope that the gas price go down to


  42. Niayla16

    lmfao rihanna silly for that!


  43. youamuseme LITERALLY

    YES! Lupe I loved his comment.

    When I heard that Osama was killed, I simply shrugged my shoulders. Ok? His assassination should have occurred back in the 90′s. I loved Lupe and Busta Rhymes comments. People need to read between the lines, pay attention to our failing government and school systems. LOL @ the gas price comment by Shanell. You want to know how to lower gas prices? A great amount of people need to stop driving, start carpooling, or take public transportation. Like this old man who I ran into on the street told me, take a stand. We need to start a revolution. Complaining will not get you anywhere.


  44. tabitha

    i really like lupe’s, maxwell’s, and keri’s…but rihanna’s had me ctfu!!!!!

    PPl she was trying to promote her single cuz it aint even a single yet its just irony and comedy combined…if you dont like her no need to comment cuz this ain’t the time to bxtch, its a CELEBRATION!!!!!!


  45. Chris C.

    shanell and rihanna ..hilarious :)


  46. Ebby

    Dupri im with you where the body at
    D. Woods after ten years all of a sudden he’s dead


  47. Breezy

    Lupe is an idiot…hate that guy


  48. PATTY

    I have to say WOW to the Celeb’s who only think of GAS PRICES,And….Are you ignorant????? And what do you care about money….ya got a shit load….and probly dont even drive urself around…And to those who actually know what ur talkin about….love you even more. That EVIL SOB is gone…but this isnt over and it’s scary…this world we live in is only getting worse….Fuck gas prices….think about this world we live in and what we can all do as A NATION to bring it together…Im terrified of what is to come with the all the CRAZY people in this world….look at all that has happened and not just in our time…but the time before us….it just gets worse….GOD BLESS US ALL….


  49. Lisa

    I agree with Lloyd all the way. It’s pretty sad to see that the world has come to a point where we’re celebrating death… I don’t wish death upon ANYONE. I just hope Osama gets what he deserves, because what he did goes beyond anything I could ever think of and I am scared for the future of America now that al-Qaida is gonna want to take revenge one way or another. It’s not over, people.


  50. andrew

    rihanna is too funny, i love her


  51. Oh Please

    lmao rihanna is a true weak


  52. leeena

    i love riri


  53. Reallynow

    I love riri but her comment was that funny :(… But all the riri stans damn near busted a nut cuz of it LMAO, now that was FUNNY!


  54. shapy

    I think celebration is not the next thing to do i hate riirii’s comment


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