Sneak Peek: Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Right There’

Nicole Scherzinger teases us with her exotic beauty and tantalizing moves in the preview clip for “Right There,” the first single from her U.S. debut Killer Love. The full video, which premieres tomorrow on VEVO, will feature an appearance from 50 Cent. Wet your appetite with this sneak peek.

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  1. ricky

    EPIC… this will be HIT IN US #1


  2. MIKI

    wowwwwww the video is amazing! go girl


  3. Teyana



  4. Deneegnog

    Yeah. No.


  5. Dante

    Who woulda thought that out of all the singers to come out with videos this year, Nicole Scherzinger’s would look the best on the dance tip! I can’t wait to see this tomorrow! The song has grown on me so much these last couple of days.

    People say it sounds like “What’s My Name” but I honestly like it better than WMN


  6. bijan



  7. Andrew

    Wow! This is stunning & absolutely hot!


  8. Name Here

    liking this


  9. Joyams

    i think her album is going to be a flop.


  10. Jopacangrie

    Yeeeees!!! Shes comin hard I love this cnt wait for the full video ( :


  11. Dave

    Epic? Ok, see y’all go TOO Far. 1st it’s a 30 sec clip. 2 all she did was dance, where is the epic? Not hating, just saying. Anyway, the song is really good. We’ll see what the video holds later on today. The dancing is ok for as much as the teaser showed.


    Killer Love Reply:

    @Dave, The video is FULL on VEVO for Europe. ;-P


  12. meme

    Nicole looks like shes finally found herself a hit. I like it. However i dnt kno why all these girls doing the island flavor thing now ever since rihanna started. Nicole, JLO and Keri are all doin island joint.


    Sagb Reply:

    @meme, I agree probably Cus it works 4 the Rihanna but the songs are still good Cus they remind me of Rihanna lol


    Latish Reply:

    @meme, Nicole is doing PACIFIC island dancing.. There’s a difference, maybe I can tell because I dance the traditional dancing. She does it well but the dancing is meant to show beauty & elegance not sexiness, so im a little put off no offense but I’ll give her credit for knowing how to move.


  13. Sharp Tongue

    I like it great song and the video looks HOT!


  14. Isis



  15. maya

    sounds like everything else on the radio…


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