Jennifer Lopez, Beastie Boys Land Top 5 Debuts

Jennifer Lopez

After extended absences from music, Jennifer Lopez and the Beastie Boys are back on the Billboard charts. The superstars debut in the top 5 on this week’s albums chart.

Hot Sauce Committee Part 2, the Beastie Boys’ first proper release in seven years, enters in the runner-up spot on the Billboard 200 below Adele’s 21 with 128,000 copies sold. Hot Sauce is the hip-hop trailblazers sixth top 10, followed by To the 5 Boroughs, which debuted at No. 1 in 2004 with 360,000.

Jennifer Lopez’ Island Def Jam debut LOVE? comes in at No. 5 with 83,000. The “American Idol” judge’s previous English-language album, 2007’s Brave, peaked at No. 12 with 53,000.

Also in the top 10 is Sade’s second greatest hits package, The Ultimate Collection, which racked up 38,000 units (No. 7), giving the British band its ninth consecutive top 10 album. Musiq Soulchild’s MusiqInTheMagiq arrives at No. 8 with 35,000.


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  1. Trey

    83,000 is still decent for her. It seems like anything under 500,000 copies is a flop for people. Sales dont matter anyways.


    meme Reply:

    @Trey, no actually anything under 150,000 is a flop for popular artist. and under 200,000 for mega artist.


    Orlando Reply:

    @Trey, your a dumb fuk…HELLO it’s the economy people our not buyin’ albums, cuz they aint got no money now a days duh…thats y artist’s sales are so low….


  2. lady gaga/blanco

    am happy for jlo not bad am sure it will go gold


  3. LOVE?

    good for JLO im rooting for her!!! its a great album so chicken heads GO GET IT!!! lol


  4. RihannaStan

    I just glad to see JLo on the Charts. Not bad at all….And seeeing how she really did not do ALOT of Promo that’s not bad…I dont consider her being a Judge on A.I as Promo….Im sorry….


  5. DaBxDon

    Its good to see J-Lo back on the charts. Im sure after she releases more hot singles and after her 1st world tour the album will succeed and it derserves to cause its great from beginning till end.


  6. Johnathan

    So so SOO glad to see Adele is still slaying the charts around the world. Really on top of her game right now.


  7. Name Here

    yes thr billboard predictions were wrong goog j.lo and the beastie boys


    Name Here Reply:

    @Name Here, good*


  8. SB

    Sade is the only band besides Led Zeppelin with that many top 10 albums in a row. Legendary. Bow Down.


  9. riely smiley

    Here we go again all the nasty people, really nasty people, without a life, experts on nothing at all acting like they actually know something. Give the woman a break, she is ok.


  10. Phoenix_Wright

    did better than her last album. And the album was jut ok at best, I didn’t like it that much, but i still think she is cool.

    Now musiq’s album was great, he should of sold at least 60,000


  11. Diego

    83,000 is a damn flop anyway you look at it she gets 20 million viewers on Idol and to only sell 80k is sad.


  12. DJ

    I guess everybody’s bootlegging/downloading (itunes) music now of days.


  13. DPG

    Who cares about J.Lo ? This is RAP up, not POP-up! So welcome back Beastie Boys! It’s a great album. Y’all need to cop that.


  14. Craaazy beetch

    I smell a flop. Idol is ending soon so no more promo for her LOL


  15. Dallas

    I really LOVE? Jlo’s new album.

    Til It Beats No More is my song right now!

    Really hoping the album keeps climbing the charts =)


  16. Craazzy beetch

    LOL what a flop!


    Shayna Reply:

    @Craazzy beetch,

    Listen crackhore, the only thing flopping is your fat ass in the pool. Stfu sit down and eat a donut fattie


  17. RIPNateDogg

    Dat beastie boyz album was hot. Not good enough to b in da top 5 albums of da year but it was definitely in the top 10. Musiq made another good soul album. Who tha fucc is Jennifer Lopez.


  18. Aye

    JLO’s album is great!

    Such a good album to work-out to as well


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