Video: Marsha Ambrosius – ‘Late Nights & Early Mornings’

Marsha Ambrosius

Marsha Ambrosius made a statement with her powerful video for “Far Away,” and now she promotes safe sex in the J. Erving-directed video for the title track from her solo debut Late Nights & Early Mornings. The songbird gets in bed with her male co-star, but makes sure to use a condom. She shows the flip side of what can happen when another couple decides not to use protection, and ends up spreading the HIV virus. Open your eyes to Marsha’s message.

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  1. Phoenix_Wright

    I love how she tries to convey a message in this video. The video was still sexy like the song, but deeper than that. Great video

    Just like with Far Away, the video turned out way different from what I expected it to be, In a good way.


  2. Dave

    That was a great concept for a video. Love her.


  3. diamonte

    omg I love it !


  4. Nelz

    her face bother’s me sometimes, but shes talented


  5. Jordan Gabriel



  6. WonderLand19

    YES! Rihanna please take note.


    Chris C. Reply:

    @WonderLand19, OMG people like you….WTH does rihanna even have to do with Marsha?


  7. DeeJay

    The video is visually striking, I love the split screens, great concept. The song compoisition, I don’t know. I love that she show her vocal range, but my favorite part is the end when she old that note. Its not my favorite song, on the album, but I will give another shot. Love you Marsha.


  8. Nes

    Very timely messages especially for the summertime when a lot of people are in heat. All men, women, boy and girl need to not only watch the video, but apply it to their lives. Job well done Marsha!!!


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @Nes, I agree with you, and “a lot of people are in heat” made me laugh. ;op It’s true, though.


  9. jeanpaul

    song is useless, she has a great voice, she’s ugly as hell, period!


    Blackanese Reply:

    @jeanpaul, You are simple as they come. How are you going to call her ugly? Who are you. “Don’t hate her cuz you ain’t her……..


    kumisun Reply:

    There is allways a negative ass @#%^ out there hating instead of congratulating i give it up to Marsha she is a beautiful black woman with a beautiful voice .Jeanpaul fuck you and your life !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Houstonishere

    I love it!!!!! Great Message!!


  11. SLYBOI

    wow, 4/5. wish it was longer, that’s all.


  12. RealMusic

    I like the whole concept of the video. Wasn’t what I expected


  13. Sumthin' Like Fire

    Well I for one don’t think she’s ugly, but its a shame that people can be more preoccupied with looks instead of the strong message being presented. smh


    @materialmayne Reply:

    @Sumthin’ Like Fire, i agree. while ppl are concerned with her looks and weight she is still getting big ugly checks lol i LOVE this video. i hope she keeps making inspirational videos!


  14. Meli

    This video is awesome and Marsha is beautiful! The song is sexy, beautiful, and inspirational… and best of all, I know who the lead man is! Your hometown is so proud of you ‘G’ and what you have become… Mr. George Wilson of the Buffalo Bills! Do big things babie!



  15. fayefaith1

    Great song and great message. Marsha is beautiful and she’s very talented. She is a true artist and whenever she speaks about her music, there is clearly a devtotion to what she’s doing. I despise it when people have rude remarks about people! But, I’m not going to spend time elaborating on the people with those remarks. As far as the video goes that Marsha did, it better to be negative than positive so ya’ll rap it up!


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