Mary J. Blige Opens the BET Awards 2011 [Video]

Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige took viewers back in time with a retrospective of career-defining hits during the opening performance at the BET Awards 2011. The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul emerged from the top of the stairs to sing a soulful medley, duet with the legendary Anita Baker on “Caught Up in the Rapture,” and debut her new song with DJ Khaled and Jadakiss (“It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over”).

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  1. Cyril

    Mary opened and shut the bet awards down. Congrats to bet to let the queen open.I beleive Mary has shut the critics mouth.This new album will go 5X platinum.Like Mary said”It aint over until she say its over”.And the journey continues.See you in September.


  2. hrijh

    It was okay..


  3. Tanni

    MJB Killed it !!! PERIOD !!! Her new song is Blazin” ..


  4. Name here

    she danced better than peole half her age


    Name here Reply:

    @Name here, people*


    ahahahhahahahahahahha Reply:

    @Name here, cosign


  5. listen

    no standing ovation? mmm…


  6. destiny campbell



  7. WhiteChocolate

    People should stop sleeping on Mary.


  8. Gaz2010

    Wow I wish I was there… Mary’s “My Life” got me through many hard times, it was so good to hear the old school Mary….and her new song… WOW!! sounds like she’s bringing old school Mary into now. I can’t wait for My Life 2


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  10. Darell lomax

    Whats up mary this is your brother big… Have not seen you since… I left off the road with you and father mc… Mary show your brother some and reach out… My contact # is 3472197359


  11. Darell lomax

    Sis loving everything you doing… I always told you to keep your head up and keep doing what you do… And thats stay in the game and hold that title down… You bro big… Im tryna catch up to you got my own record label now… Still more work to do… Check out my site…


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