New Music: Lloyd f/ André 3000 & Lil Wayne – ‘Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)’

Lloyd and André 3000

Lloyd keeps it blunt on the funky “Dedication to My Ex (Miss That).” “Your pu**y done changed/ It ain’t the same girl and that’s a shame,” sings the R&B crooner on the cut off his King of Hearts album. André 3000 comes out of hiding for another verse and Lil Wayne narrates the story of a girl who gave it away to another man. Find out happens when the good good goes.

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  1. Yeah

    O_O WOW


  2. GQ

    why do people think talkin vulgar bout sex makes a good songs nowadays!!!

    Imma lloyld fan but this must be a filler on the album ill be skipping

    but dont get me wrong its not the worst song i ever heard


    alexis Reply:

    @GQ, 100% aqreed !


  3. RAH RAH

    Sounds like MJ, in the beginning. Gotta cop KOH next month!


  4. Ice

    Wow, another banger from Lloyd. I’m pretty much sold on this album. But why the vulgarity? I’ve never heard that much feline slang in my life. Andre stole the show, I mean, dang, when we gettin a new Outkast album?!


  5. Lisa

    Is it me, or is Lloyd the weirdest looking motherfucker in the game? I don’t mean that in a bad way, though… He has a very unique appearance.


  6. tachuu



  7. Lisa

    …oh, well. I listened to the song. Let me say this, the vocals are on point. Lloyd has a very strong voice. Kinda reminds me of Michael Jackson. But, DAMN, these lyrics are a joke. I really couldn’t help but laugh when I heard the word pu**y for the tenth time. This would’ve been a real great song without the vulgar lyrics. Come on, now.


  8. CuriousAboutTheFuture

    Personally, what a F***ing concept! So Funny! Fella’s you know it’s true! Ladies you know what you do! This is hilarious and i support it 100. Where’s weezy at tho?


  9. Chris

    This is a filler for sure but it isn’t the worst song on the album. It’s throwback but not in the good way and the lyrics are atrocious. The song you guys really need to look out for is track 6 called “Jigsaw”. That song is


  10. Real Issh

    Lmao , I enjoyed his vocals . He’s sounding like MJ this album . “I’m about to kill this bitch” – I can’t .


  11. Ln

    hehe,well Cee loo had this song called, u,so i don’t see why LLoyed can’t have a song talking about,,so when it,s edit for radio play it will be ok.


  12. WonderLand19

    I love the beat BUT WHY USE THE WORD P****? I dont like that word and i cant continue to listen to it.


  13. Fan Of A Fan

    his such an amazing singer… dont know about the song though -_-


  14. weezay

    andre the overrated


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