Porcelain Black Rocks ‘Letterman’ [Video]

Porcelain Black

Porcelain Black made her network television debut, performing her Lil Wayne-assisted single “This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like” on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” The glam rocker, who describes her music as a mix between Marilyn Manson and Britney Spears, whipped her black-and-blonde hair around as she pranced across the stage with her gothic dancers.

The Detroit native can currently been seen on Lil Wayne’s “I Am Still Music” tour and will release her debut album on RedOne’s 2101 Records this fall. Rock on with the wild child.

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  1. aaa

    Porcelain <33 ! ;*


  2. Cudda

    She did good. I have a feeling she’s gonna blow up.


  3. LD

    ahe doing her thing


  4. maya

    her voice sucks but she’s a good performer. i cud c her going far.


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  7. trina

    lololol she’s horrible


  8. listen

    can’t hate on the performance. but very dark and the industry continues to head in that direction…i like her though.


  9. Oso

    Love her!
    her album is gonna be great, the snippets sounded awesome.


  10. StarsRblind

    She looked great, and I can see the potential, especially since she can make her own lane. But I didn’t like the arrangement of this performance, and the dancers didn’t look as “Rock N Roll” as her. Lol, there was an akward moment when Letterman didn’t shake the male dancers hands.


  11. Erica

    that was awesome!!!!


  12. MelyB

    Catchy song – she cannot sing though. Flashy performance which should translate to a flashy video. I won’t buy it though – can’t imagine listening to this in my headphones. Just not my cup of tea.


  13. Natasha

    she crazy


  14. HonesttoGod

    For all the comments saying this song was good, you need to get your ears checked. For people saying she has her “own lane” you should get your eyes checked her hair is identical to Lady GaGa’s. This is young money’s attempt at a Lady GaGa clone. This girl is trying to be Lady GaGa so much its hard to watch, and since when does David Letterman book no name artists? My advice: Get a better rock song, change up your whole look and vibe so theres no way you can be compared to GaGa. The only thing original about this girl is her bad song.


  15. dddd

    @HonesttoGod maybe if you do your fucking research you would know she had her hair like this before gaga. She has been wearing black and white hair for two years. You gaga fans are the worst piece of shit ever


    denzel Reply:

    @dddd, i agree with yu homie ,, gaga fans try they hardest to get attention


  16. Other@Game

    this video was be rap?????


  17. Cynthia

    It’s a pity Gaga fans are acting the way they are about her. Porcelain has nothing but respect for Gaga despite her jacking Porcelain’s hair and style. Gaga should be ashamed to have fans that act the way they have been.


  18. Jakob

    I LOOOVE Lady Gaga but I also love Porcelain. I have much respect for both.


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