Q&A: Ameriie Explores Freedom, Androgyny, & New World Order on New Album


Ameriie breaks out of the box and explores new territory on her fifth album Cymatika, Vol. 1, which includes unorthodox topics ranging from ancient astronaut theory to androgyny to new world order mixed with elements of trance, electronic, house, heavy drums, and new wave.

“There’s a song about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah with extraterrestrials destroying them with nuclear weapons,” explained the Georgetown grad of “Sodom & G.” “I don’t feel like that’s really been done.”

Other tracks include the mechanical “Intimidation,” “Run for Cover,” and the likely first single “FireStarter (Private Dancer).” “I really wanted to talk about the human experience,” shared Ameriie. “I wanted to talk about other stuff, but in a way that’s still listenable.”

Rap-Up.com spoke with the newly married singer about what we can expect from her genre-bending album.

How would you describe Cymatika, Vol. 1?
This album is pretty much trance, electronic, elements of house, heavy drums—not hip-hop in that sense, but drums that knock—and new wave with classic song structure. I probably finished about 80% of the project. Now what I’ve been focusing on is creating songs that really have strong essence of each of those elements in one song. I used dubstep ’cause I love the gritty sound of it. That’s my challenge right now is to take all of these five elements and combine them into one record.

A lot of the topics are about us as human beings—who we really are on that level, not a physical level. One thing I was experimenting with from a vocal aspect was androgyny and approaching the vocal in an androgynous fashion. To me it represents the dropping away of the veil of what’s physical and on a spiritual level, we’re not really men or women or age, we’re ageless eternal spirits without gender, without sex, so the androgyny symbolizes that—and of course it’s fun. A lot of the songs don’t really sound like me. I think I’m gonna have to start putting out albums every year because that’s the only way I can keep up with myself creatively. Albums are bookmarks of where I am creatively. I really want to put out more albums.

Who are you working with?
Riley Urick. He’s really talented. He has a great ear for what you want and he works with a crew of guys too. I worked with Andre Harris, formerly of Dre & Vidal. He did about half of the album.

Does the album have a theme?
The theme of the album is what it means to be human. I have songs about not being intimidated by society and what people think you should be, not wanting to be chic, kinda wanting to have your own identity and not feel like you have to follow the crowd. I also talk about self-suppression and how sometimes we suppress the feelings that we have or the ideas that we have. I’m into ancient astronaut theory, so I’ve combined my love for that into a song called “Sodom & G.” I basically compare the end of a relationship to the end of those cities. I make reference to me wanting to look back at the relationship when I still want to hold on just for a little bit longer before I totally relinquish it. Underneath that layer is the layer that Sodom and Gomorrah is not just being destroyed, but is being destroyed by nuclear weapons—all in a very listenable song.

How was the recording process different from the past?
I love to create moods and create sounds. Music is all vibration so I love to experiment. When you break out of a genre, you really have the freedom to do whatever you want. In all my situations, I’ve always had creative freedom so I never felt like the label was trying to get me to do something. However, it wasn’t until I really, really felt free that I realized that I felt a freedom that I didn’t even feel before when I felt free before. Right now, the page that I’m on is I’ma do what I want, and I always felt like I was like that. I do what I want and how I want to do it. There were parts of me that weren’t really ready to totally do what I wanted. No one else was holding me back. It was just myself. It’s kinda like [one of the new tracks] “Run for Cover,” it’s like running from yourself and you’ll eventually run out of places to hide.

What inspired you this time around?
The things that inspired me on this album were everything from fire to the color red to any indigenous people, like with the chanting on “Sodom & G.” Also machines and machinery to ideas of new world order to who we are as spiritual beings. I was like, ‘F– it. I’ma do what I want.’ I don’t care if it sounds really crazy.

What can you share about the first single, “FireStarter (Private Dancer)”?
On the surface, it’s about having fun, dancing the night away basically. A certain part of the song is fun, but it also speaks to our “look at me” culture a little bit. It’s kinda how everyone wants to be in the spotlight, not necessarily being in entertainment, just in some form. And kinda like how the world is a stage and how we are all the creator of our own reality. The hook goes, “‘Cause everybody in this whole wide world wants to be somebody in this world.” It’s very subtle, I don’t go deep into it like in the other songs.

Let’s talk about “Intimidation”…
When I did the vocals on “Intimidation,” that was different. When I hear that song, I hear stark warehouse, people being systematically programmed into doing certain things every day, living in the system, living in the matrix, living under certain rules. When you live under certain guidelines and rules, eventually you’ll adopt them yourself and then you don’t have to control the population because everyone controls themselves. It has this driving beat, it’s like a big, heavy beat, but it almost feels like machinery.

What do you hope people take from this album?
For this project, people will really know me because it’s not just about romance, it’s about other stuff in general and what I believe. If they listen to the CD, they can actually come away with it and say, “I know her and what she’s about.”

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  1. Amy

    Love Ameriie. Hope all goes well


  2. Mimi

    Great interview. I’m intrigued and will def listen to the album! The concepts sound much more interesting than the mediocre bah-cack we get right now.


  3. Dave

    I love the songs I’ve previewed. A few were on Youtube, “FireStarter” (Private Dancer, “Sodom & G”, & “Run for Cover” & they were amazing. I love the androgynous voice she did, & what she was talking about. I just hope this isn’t not illuminati type stuff. Love Ameriie as a artist, I hope people give her a chance as a ARTIST & not just “that R&B chick” because she’s far more than that. But, if not I hope she finds select people who appreciate’s her art & craft because she’s amazingly gifted in so many ways (vocally, artistically, musically, etc.)


    credits Reply:


    You have a link to share? where can i find these previews on youtube??


  4. James

    Ok Ameriie! I like that! There’s nothing wrong with thinking outside the box.


  5. AnKkA

    YASSSSSS! Go Ameriie!! Can’t wait 2 listen 2 the 1st single!


  6. Maya What

    Ameriie is so smart, talented, educated and so far ahead of the game. I love her and can’t wait for the album!


  7. jacksonouy

    F**k New World Order


  8. Yo!

    so hype I can’t wait


  9. Yo!

    Ameriie + Dubstep = OMG!


  10. Kristen

    Looking forward to hearing this! I love Ameriie!


  11. Jayden

    omg I REALLY can’t wait!


  12. Will

    New World Order??? This chick sold her soul. What happened to the Amerie we fell in love with? Your an R&B then you go to doing trance, electronic, dubstep and all. Yeah im convinced she sold her soul to release more albums.


    Fan Of A Fan Reply:

    @Will, she didnt sell her fuckin soul!



    She is amazing! Ameriie should do great!


  14. Harvey

    Firestarter is a hot R&B/dubstep bass heavy song it sounds like a real hit!!!


  15. Iman

    King A is coming yall!
    I reallly can’t she’s one of the only female artists that put EFFORT into her work


  16. NovaLidole

    Wow, I’m very impressed with the details on my girl A’s new album. You can tell she’s very involved with the production process of the album. I can not wait to see visuals for this project. I just know A is going to go all out for every music video, album photo shoots, etc. I’m just ready for the official first single to premiere on radio and Ameriie to Live Stream. This article def leaves me thirsty for more! Also hope Ameriie works with Paul van Dyk because he’s a genius. The man is amazing, amazing!


  17. Matthew

    This shit needs to come out already. Been waiting for like EVER! 에므리 서둘러주십시오!!!!!


  18. chet

    i’ve always loved ameriie and it’s a damn shame that she still doesn’t get the credit she deserves. yeah she’s not on some rihanna, beyonce type status, but that doesn’t take the quality away from her music. so to those calling her a flop and asking why doesn’t she hang it up already, bitch sit down! she’s doing because she loves it. her music has always spoke for itself. lyrically she’s so smart and approaches songs in a classy/real manner that i could always appreciate, even as a dude. keep doing you A. give me that hot music.


  19. chet

    and ameriie + dubstep = EARGASM

    i’m fuckin intrigued, forreal.


  20. Kev

    I have absolutely no idea what half of the concepts she’s talking about are… AND I LOVE IT!! Can’t wait!! Take us on a journey A!


    aj Reply:

    @Kev, I know right its kinda exciting not knowing what to expect even after her trying to describe it…its like some out of this world crazy stuff lol. Can’t wait to here the album and da single “firestarter” to finally get an idea of where she goin. Get em A..much luck and success on this album. And for the illuminati comment I really doubt she would ever do that that’s not what she’s about..sellin your soul. And new world we don’t know how she is referencing it she never said she for it. I jus can’t wait this sounds like its gonna be #epic I just hope its handled right.


  21. Wesley

    Ameriie rocks!!!


  22. Jordyn

    Wasn’t even checking for this album but after this interview im intrigued …..hopefully whatever label she’s w funds and supports her so she can reach her potential peak


  23. Phoenix_Wright

    “I really want to put out more albums.”

    Your fans have been wanting you to put more albums out too! I know this is her 5th album but if she right team to push her stuff she would probably already be on a 7th album.

    Love the description if the album. I used to be one of those people who wanted A to stick with R&B but after reading this I’ll accept it whatever genre it is, as long as she puts her heart into it.


  24. kiki

    goooo amerie!!


  25. Jfenty

    Amerie! i miss her soo much, i was jus watchin old performances oh hers on youtube! haha


  26. livie

    the queen is bck


  27. Off-Key Cole

    amerie should be happy she’s gotten so many chances. good luck to her


  28. Kyle

    Ameriie is such a nerd but in the nicest way possible. She’s smart and I’m glad she is taking on this new approach to her music because lets be honest, after reading this interview I don’t think any other artist has done this. I’m intrigued and can’t wait to hear what she comes up with.


  29. Dave

    I love the support y’all giving Ameriie.


  30. maya

    I’m really looking forward to it, she makes good music <3


  31. Ameriie

    Ameriie actualy deserves alot attention! She is a good person whit more talent than some artists on the radio these days! Her label better support her the rigth way cuz i want this brilliant albu to sell atleast over 100,000! It sucks that her In Love & War album was poor recieved thanks to the label! But lets pray that Cymatika Vol .1 will be a top-seller! Freakin love you Ameriie :D


  32. Beyonce Stan

    oh. flop after flop, she’s still going! i like her sound tho.


    Wesley Reply:

    @Beyonce Stan, Your comment is the prime example why everyone likes Beyonce… but hates her fans! Stfu cuz she’s not a flop!


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