Waka Flocka Flame Wants Tyler, the Creator to Direct His Video

Waka Flocka Flame and Tyler, the Creator

Waka Flocka Flame’s world is about to get a litte odder. The Southern rapper has revealed that he wants Tyler, the Creator to direct one of his music videos.

During an interview with Tyler for Interview magazine, Waka expressed his interest in collaborating with the Odd Future frontman.

“I’m gonna get ya’ll to direct one of my viral videos, man. It’ll be Odd Future-directed,” said Waka during their phone conversation.

OFWGKTA’s 20-year-old leader is hot in demand after his self-directed video for “Yonkers” was nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards, including Video of the Year. Kanye West also called the black-and-white clip the best video of 2011.

“Heck yeah,” said Tyler in response to Waka’s proposal, while sharing his appreciation for his music. “‘Karma’—we listen to that before every single show ’cause it just pumps us up. LeBron Flocka James Pt. 2 is also, like, one of my favorite fuckin’ mixtapes, so I’m a big fuckin’ fan.”

What do you think a video from Waka and Tyler would look like? Let us know.

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  1. dougy17

    what a hypocrit he said he was retireing


    uhuh Reply:

    @dougy17, get ya fkin facts straight, he will quit at the end of the year. stfu already. people like you mad him quit

    #golf wang


  2. jackson 5



  3. antsme

    I’m not trying to be mean or anything but is there some issue between Tyler and rap-up.com because that is the most retarded picture of Tyler possible.


    OF FAN Reply:

    @antsme, nothing’s wrong with the photo. stop trying to start shit. SMH


  4. Trac-E



  5. WatchTheThrone

    my problem with this is that tyler the creator is one of the most creative innovative artists that hip hop has ever seen.
    wacka is just another rapper killing hip hop with his money guns hoes talk.


    SultanAlush Reply:

    @WatchTheThrone, WORD!!


  6. johndoe

    It sucks he’s not gonna be rapping anymore, i need his music whenever i get ready for my football games or get in a good mood. smh, fucking haters and negative people these days. You can say he sucks and what not, but he’s still one of my favorite artist to listen to. nobody wants to hear lyrical shit all the time, your a boring ass person if you listen to that type of shit all the time. real fucking shit


    mikey Reply:

    @johndoe, g-shiit dey go hard so dey need to stay in da game waka flocka and tyler the creator needs to make that video


  7. mikey

    tyler is fuckiing ill as shiit and waka flocka go hard as fuck so this video is gunna look good as shtiit


  8. mariua

    im in school on this website


  9. nikolas

    mannnnn< tyler and waka is a fucking great collaboration. any hater can go shut the fuck up and die!!! :)


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