New Music: Bridget Kelly – ‘Thinking About Forever’

Bridget Kelly

Bridget Kelly is ready for the spotlight. After performing “Empire State of Mind” with her mentor Jay-Z on tour, the Roc Nation songstress releases her new song “Thinking About Forever” penned by Frank Ocean. You may already be familiar with the tender tune as the Odd Future songwriter liberated his version just yesterday.

“After singing on ‘Empire State of Mind’ with me on tour, Bridget Kelly is ready for her close up,” writes Andy WarHov aka Jay-Z on his blog Life + Times.

Bridget is working on her rock-meets-R&B debut with Linda Perry, No I.D., and former Evanescence member David Hodges. Get to know the New Yorker in her interview with Rap-Up TV.

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  1. Orlando

    woweeeee this bitch is bad ass bitch, damn i hella like this smooth r&b urban kick punch in yo face lol


  2. yupdatsme

    She has potential!

    Side note: Rap-Up – fix your links.


  3. Swag!

    Damn! this is good, love it


  4. archangel

    its good but give some time to enjoy franks version…she can obviously sing but idk something about Frank Ocean’s version comes off so effortlessly


    Dante Reply:

    @archangel, you weren’t supposed to hear frank’s version. His version is a demo for this song. lmao


    so what Reply:

    @Dante, if we weren’t supposed to hear it then why did he post it on his tumblr himself. and yes we know its a demo but its better than bridgets version.


  5. Ice

    Nice song regardless of the person singing it, but personally, I think Frank shouldh’ve put it on his EP. He straight murdered it.


  6. jp

    Bridget Kelly can definitely sing, but I’m in love with Frank Ocean’s version already. Kinda wish his version wasn’t leaked, so i could like her’s the same. Great song anyone.


  7. V

    This is better than his version, i like


  8. KB

    this is a really nice song


  9. Blaze

    I love trhis song but Franks version is better an has more passion just sayin


  10. Law

    Sounds like every one lame song heard on Urban Radio.


  11. Oh Please

    Nah i like this version better w/ the key change.


  12. umm...

    frank ocean’s is better…this sounds like a typical rnb track. she sounds good though


    khkjf Reply:

    @umm…, AGREED


    CheChilia Reply:

    @khkjf, agree


  13. say what

    she sounds and looks great


  14. SynceR3

    nice & smooth!!!!


  15. Marcella

    This girl’s gunna be HUGE, gaurenteed


  16. Alex

    the lyrics suit Frank alot more than Bridget


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  18. chet

    she does a nice job, but frank’s version CAN NOT be touched. i still can’t believe it’s a demo. so much effortless passion, just one of those records you feel. much success to her though.


  19. naio

    FINALLYYYy Ryan Leslie and her are in studio on youtube and shes freaking FIRE !!!! I don’t know why it has taken them so long with her!!


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