Brandy Crafts ‘Classic R&B’ Sound with Rico Love for New Album


Now that the ink has dried on her new deal with RCA/Chameleon Records, Brandy is moving full steam ahead with her next album. The singer is returning to her “classic R&B” roots with some help from hitmaker Rico Love.

“I’m excited about the records I’ve done with her so far. I think we need to make it classic, just the music that people love,” the Division1 CEO told “There’s no real formula to it. I just believe in a strong melody and a strong concept. You add a great singer, especially a singer that has had the success that Brandy’s had, and a hit song is a no-brainer.”

While Brandy has dabbled in rap before with her alter-ego Bran’Nu, she’s sticking to what she does best this time around. “That’s what I’m going for, just classic R&B. Great concepts, great vocals,” added Love, who’s recently been in the studio with Mary J. Blige and Usher.

“I push her to the limit vocally, same way I push Mary, same way I push Usher, same way I push Mario, Kelly. I just push people. If I know how great they can sing, I’m gonna push them that much harder. It’s like a coach who has the best player, you just want to make sure you run him to death in practice, so that they can perform to the best of their ability when it’s game time.”

In addition to Love, Chris Brown and Frank Ocean are contributing to Brandy’s sixth album, due in early 2012.

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  1. KNUCK






  3. Illuminati

    I will make this album good. I will make this album sell. I control the masses.


  4. Mike504

    I love Brandy, but Rico Love is also worked on Kelly Rowland’s album right? We know how redundant and generic that album sounded. I’m routing for Brandy though.


    Cranberry1 Reply:

    @Mike504, well, it WAS Kelly’s album, so don’t blame Rico lol.


  5. Cranberry1




    i hope it sounds like “waiting to exhale” soundrack or her self-titled album…those were CLASSICS


  7. Lovecrimes

    Chris Brown & Frank Ocean working with Brandy? I can’t wait!


  8. slim



  9. Sharp Tongue

    Brandy has been my girl since “sittin’ up in my room” lol so this album better be on 1.


  10. k



  11. Layla

    Counting down .. starting NOW ! I can’t wait !


  12. arealcomment

    FRank and BRandy…Now thats a marriage in music that needs to happen. Waiting to see who else she works wid.. Bangladesh?


  13. Elisha Solomon

    Yea!!!!!I can’t wait 2 here…breezy!!!!!!gud luck!!!!!!


  14. Marcos Aurelio

    Go Brandy! Yeah! \o/


  15. Elisha

    yea!!!!!!Beezy I wish u d best of luck……!!!!!!


  16. Tristan

    This is great news! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that it isn’t the ‘usual’ sound that Rico usually gives Mary, Usher, or Kelly.


  17. BLAZE

    O hell YES!BROCKA working with Brezzy an Frank Ocean dude pen is SICK I can’t wait I love all her albums she can do no wrong in my book.Well she is The Vocal Bible!Staz!Let’s support out girl


  18. Royaleeee

    I hope we get to hear a glimps of the 1990′s Brady that raw R&B. That’s how I know Brandy! Used 2 love her music growing up so I hope she channels those raw emotions again! #RealMusic


  19. Keona

    Good luck Brandy:)


  20. ughreally

    Yesss, it’s going to be magic.
    Chris Brown and Brandy actually sing alike. He borrows her runs and her “woowoos” if you know what I mean.

    And classic r&b is the best. Go for what you know


  21. Lala

    First: happy about Brandy sticking with R&B …and if we talk about Mary J R&B or Marsha R&B, then that’s even better…
    second: I am happy she does not the Euro trash kelly rowland bullshit cause that sounds desperate and that generic shit even managed to make me dislike Jennifer Hudson!
    Brandy has something that no other contemporary female voice can offer!
    Go Bran!


  22. Byy

    You know, I don’t comment on blogs, though I do frequent them. But I HAVE to say I think the direction Brandy wants to go in is all wrong. I would put Monica’s “Still Standing” in the category of “classic R&B,” and needlessly to say, a successful one at that. I’d cite her thoroughly convincing performance of Mary J. Blige’s “Love No Limit” during a tribute to her at an awards show YEARS ago as proof that she’d rejected the pop aspirations of her second album “The Boy Is Mine” in favor of a more urban approach LONG before the release of follow-up “After The Storm”. I’d even say she was the bridge between Blige and Keyshia Cole. Brandy was always something more of an America’s sweetheart-type, but her music up to “Afrodisiac” was truly edgy, even innovative. Listen to “Full Moon” and tell me that sound isn’t close to what Christina Aguilera was trying to do for “Bionic”, or Britney Spears’ “Femme Fatale”. Rihanna’s “Good Girl Gone Bad” was directly inspired by “Afrodisiac”, and that’s a fact. Jennifer Lopez gets by singing songs intended for Brandy. Trying to remind everybody of her “Never Say Never”-era glory days is why “Human” didn’t fly. At the very least, we need a more fleshed out version of “Afrodisiac”, which was still slightly ahead of the R&B curve. There’s a huge window of opportunity for her to reclaim her crown right since Beyoncé just doesn’t want to give us a hot album the first time around in spite of her clout.


    credits Reply:

    @Byy, When she says classic r&b, i hope she means ‘classic brandy’. Her sound is innovative and i believe that it is mostly because of her signature vocal layering, adlibs and runs. What she does with her voice is where most of the innovation comes from, for me at least.


    Mya Reply:

    @Byy, Brandy will Flop Face Facts! I see she’s runnung to Frank after the Beyonce LOL


    That's Cray Reply:

    @Mya, She was working with Frank before Bey. She is even on his mixtape. Do your research before making yourself look dumb you hate monger.


    Adonis Reply:

    @Byy, Im rooting for Brandy all the way. I don’t think she is going in the wrong direction, persay. Because, I have faith that artists like C.Brown, Frank, and Rico will make music thats soulful but edgy. I agree, I was in love with the route that she was going with her music/image during the Afrodisiac era.

    Brandy if you’re listening, YOU SHOULD TRY TO CONTINUE TO GO IN THAT DIRECTION. She is capable of being soulful and sexy at the same time. That’s what people want to see. I’m not saying risque like Rihanna. But, the image that I got from her during the Human (Long Distance for example) CD….. I wasn’t buying it!! (although I bought the album). I’m an avid fan of Brandy but I do not want this CD to be a flop…she needs to start in a way that will enable her to KEEP making hits. <3


  23. Will the Real Music Please Stand Up?

    ready… ready for the return of real R&B… ready for brandy to return… ready for her on another sitcom… so ready


  24. IDOME

    Love brandy so I can’t wait!


  25. Angel in Disquise

    Born ready for this!


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