Ciara Holds Court at U.S. Open


After partying in Las Vegas and Atlanta over Labor Day weekend, Ciara chilled courtside at the 2011 U.S. Open in New York City on Monday (Sept. 5). A casually-dressed CiCi, along with director Spike Lee, Blake Lively, and Star Jones, cheered for her pal Serena Williams at the tennis match.

“Today was AMAZING!! US OPEN! @serenawilliams ROCKED! YEAH!” tweeted the singer after witnessing Serena defeat Serbia’s Ana Ivanovic 6-3, 6-4 in the quarterfinals.

Ciara Ciara Ciara and Spike Lee

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  1. Sleazy

    Work it cici!! She Looks great Album 5 gona slay #5 = EPIC! #YouWillDeal


  2. Stacy

    She’s having fun. Good for her, and yay for Serena winning :)


  3. ashgino

    her facial bone structure is looking mannish.


    chris Reply:

    @ashgino, Really? ? Listen to how stupid u sound!! She’s a million times more successful and beautiful then u will ever be

    [Reply] Reply:


    It is….but so are a LOT of top models.
    I dig how she took something that looked “MANNISH” and made it work for her.

    We can all learn something from this, don’t you think?


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @ashgino, Seems kinda pointless to comment on something someone did not choose, given that they were born with it. Some women have strong jawlines while some men have soft ones, and vice versa. What do you fail to understand about this?


  4. say what

    Serena played a great game & loved how
    she kicked butt, ilove watching her play. yep
    Cici & others was there showing their Support.
    I will be glad when Ciara gets back to business with her Career,shes a great Artist!


  5. Dylethat

    Ciara u doing them heels gurl cant wait until the next album.





  7. maya

    She looks hit without make-up. Ciara stans be pressed b/c it’s the truth.


  8. Machina

    Was this the match where Serena fell into them splits? LAWD.

    Fantasy Ride
    Basic Instinct

    Can’t wait Ciara! :D


  9. SMH@#UndercoverCiaraFans

    @maya, LOL what you look like without makeup anyways you can’t see her face because obviously she has shades on but you’re opinion is not the truth it’s a form of an opinion you’re opinion and if she is so hit without make-up why bother to even comment obviously you are pressed with Ciara someone who ain’t worried about you and you’re ignorance!!!



    Post the pictures of Blake Lively!!!


  11. Kyle

    I love the way Ciara casually dresses. She always looks good IMO.


  12. thecool

    Every time CiCi sitting courtside she wit Spike lol. She still sexy af


  13. Sleazy

    Ciara looks great without make up? Her skin is clear af she could go without it & look gorgeous Have you seen the others? O lawd No To that girl bye and why you worried bout ci worry bout who gonna you Hump to get tonights supper


  14. Tshepi

    Hands down she looks gorgeous …….like it or not !!!


  15. Jalin

    Ci has a jawline of a supermodel you hoodrats. She looks nice, who that guy on her shirt? Spike Lee? Oh?! Ci, new movie role?


  16. CORY

    I feel like she’s trying to social climb….but it aint helping none now tell me I’m lying


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