Game Announces Title of Fifth Album


The R.E.D. Album hit stores less than a month ago, but Game is already on to the next. During a video chat session on Tuesday night, the Compton kingpin revealed the title of his fifth album.

“The next album is called Soundtrack to Chaos,” he announced while in the lab with production team 1500 or Nothin’, who crafted R.E.D.’s “Martians vs. Goblins.”

Unlike his previous four albums, his next LP won’t contain any featured guests. “No features—none. In my dream world, it would be all produced by [1500 or Nothin']. Fuck it. It’s my last album on Interscope. No features, nobody to clear. That’s it. Once the samples good, we good. Nobody on the hook except us. No Weezy, Jeezy, Drake, no singer, no nothing—just us. That’s it.

“I want all the beats to be just stupid, noisy shit, not no regular shit. The shit gotta make a ni**a like, ‘Damn, this album is just crazy.’ Album number five.”

He even previewed the new material by spitting a verse. “Somebody tell ‘em that Michael Jackson is alive/ Somebody tell ‘em that Tupac never died/ Somebody tell ‘em that Big is in my ride.”


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  1. malhi

    fuarkkk yer


    SamueL.A Reply:

    @malhi, WestCoast


  2. Tev

    Lets go Game!!!!


  3. REDgame92

    this is gonna be incredible!!!


  4. belly

    already ?


  5. YUNG Reezy

    I don’t care if the R.E.D. album will ever go Platinum but that album is a straight classic. Tha Carter IV can’t touch this no matter how many album birdman buys. I’m looking foreword to this project.


    tom Reply:

    @YUNG Reezy, Oh yeah!


    Small world Reply:

    @tom, Red no.1 in billboard it was the most important because this album is the real hiphop.


  6. hailey bailey

    This guys a fool. No features or guest hooks and yet he STILL name dropping like a bitch! Yeh i said it.


  7. dougy17

    Game has turned to a nobhead


  8. faawk

    I wanna hear L:O:V:E., someone leak it already


  9. Deezy

    He’s trying to hurry up to put out his last album on Interscope so he can join Cash Money. Everybody can see that!


    Gcompton Reply:

    @Deezy, yeah I also think its that.


    RedRicky Reply:

    @Gcompton, he will make a mistake if he does that


  10. Ange

    RED is the best album of this year congratulates game.



    YOOO game is fuckin wack why is he even rapping, even fuckin wacka sell more den him…SAD… the hottest song had drake in it DRIZZY n Carter 4 ^^^


  12. Gcompton

    Game alone = “Ricky” “Dreams” “Higher” let’s ride “big dreams” “Dope boys” = Game best track!!


    Whodat Reply:

    @Gcompton, Infrared too.


  13. Hugh

    Awesome to see them in the studio making music


  14. Small world

    maybe game have a good idea.


  15. Whodat

    its gonna be crazy


  16. The Truth

    50 Cent MADE The Game:

    1: How We Do
    2: Hate it or Love it
    3: Westside Story

    and 50 made 3 more songs on The Documentary. The Game sucks without 50 Cent. Now he’s working with gay clowns like lil wayne, chris brown?? pshh what a loser. 50 Cent is so much cooler. He made this guy a star and The Game showed disrespect to him! 50, on the other hand, is on a whole nother level, 50 Cent doesn’t make albums featuring clowns instead he’s feeding a billion kids in Africa.


  17. Cedric niggas in Paris

    it sure 50 cent has assisted for the game became a star but he wouldn’t appropriate the success of The Documentary, Dr dre was a great help for Snoop Dogg, Tupac, and so many others to be the star but he don’t sreamed it everywhere. and 50 cent didn’t respect Nas who is one of the favorite The game’s rapper. So they didn’t have the same vision of rap. and 50 cent is the first clown of rap he didn’t rap he sing

    Game = real rapper and 50 clown = R&B Commercial


  18. Thief theme

    this album will shut many mouth


  19. JasonKilla

    game has already proved he is a better rapper than 50 from a long way.


  20. 5shots

    The Game is the king of the state for this year.



    i can wait the game is the best R.E.D !


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    [...] previously titled Soundtrack to Chaos. Last September, Game said it would be entirely produced by 1500 or Nothin’ and would [...]

  24. Dfdf

    they weren’t pink floyd were imo. Genesis is probably my snceod favorite though I love the lamb lies down on broadway it’s such an awesome album. Selling england by the pound, foxtrot and nursery cryme are great too but lamb lies down on broadway has a special place for me. my ranking would floyd2.genesis3.rush4.yes5.king crimsonI hate how the genesis most people think of are their terrible pop days.


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