New Music: Trey Songz – ‘Whoever I Could’

#Lemmeholdatbeat2 and Anticipation II

Trey Songz takes aim at his haters once again on the bombastic “Whoever I Could.” “Nah, I don’t give a f**k about none of these ni**as/ No, none of these ni**as pay me/ No, I don’t give a f**k about none of these bitches/ Man, most of these bitches crazy,” raps Trigga before switching lanes on the uplifting second half, which features an entirely different beat.

The tracks will appear on his upcoming hip-hop and R&B mixtapes #Lemmeholdatbeat2 and Anticipation II, both dropping November 1.

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  1. Kwayzee




    Tiffany Reply:

    @Kwayzee, why is he singing a song about haters, who cares its as if he has something to prove, this song aint helping me with my haters and im pretty sure it aint helping him. If this dude is not singing about haters then its sex. he is playing himself out….i’m sorry its the truth


    dexlovesrih Reply:

    @Tiffany, k bye!


  2. me




    TremaineSlays Reply:

    @me, You Checking right now just by commenting! Hating ass


    me Reply:

    But naw I ain’t hating but serious. Wat top spot do he have…no platinum albums. No number one albums. No awards except one bet. And he didn’t even ever perforn at an award show except bet…his tv show was the lowest rating in cable history…he shuld waaaay more. HUMBLE @TremaineSlays,


    tehe! Reply:

    @me, that doesn’t mean he’s not a good artist.. leave his posts for his fans plz


    100% true Reply:

    @tehe!, yes he is a good artist=> SO FUCKING WHAT?! just like @me: we all don’t know what top spot Mr songz is talking about.

    No one is hating on Trey! why would any one hate on him? he isn’t exactly the shit!

    Ever R kelly isn’t bothered by all the beef Trey is instigating.


    ughreally Reply:

    @me, Because he’s not succesful as some doesn’t mean he’s not as talented or doesn’t have people that don’t like him.
    No one cared about or quoted stats 10 years ago even and now it’s the first thing you mention. People saying ‘he’s wack he has no platinum albums’ is not love or indifference right? It’s negative criticism. Lots of artists don’t have Grammy’s. Diana Ross doesn’t have Grammys and she has a 40 year career. , but she doesn’t have haters either right?

    And his spot? Well he has been nominated for Grammys, he has had top singles . He’s headlined his own tour and toured with Jay Z , and he’s toured with Usher. And even IF his show was low rating (which it wasn’t, that was only reported on a blog that doesn’t like him), he still had a show.

    So someone like Lloyd or J.Holiday or Jaheim, or Mario or Avant or Tank etc etc AREN’T in his spot.

    You also have to realize that Trey’s a street guy. People take his confidence and rapping as arrogance but he has the spirit of a hustler and a rapper. Sometimes his lines aren’t about other singers but dudes from around his way who did HATE on him.


    thatshitcray Reply:

    @ughreally, i agree with you 100% except for the whole Jaheim, Tank, and Avant thing. Those brut has right there are talented && have better voices then trigga.! but i’m a trey fan.! been one since ‘Just Gotta Make It’ :-)


    Jenna Reply:

    @me, What haters ? Oh.. U the first. Haters gon hate.


    ughreally Reply:

    @me, ^ that’s hate. You came into his post, checking out what it said..then said no one is checking. You just checked so that’s a lie. To lie about someone’s relevance is the hate.

    So that makes you the hater. Disliking him is on thing, but frontin’ on him is hating.


    100% true Reply:


    i aint a Trey songz fan cos i think he is a swagger jagger!

    2ndly, i agree everyone has haterz but what i don’t understand is,

    Trey song was given the world for a minute when CB was out. He toured with Usher & Jay Z & did major concerts yet he fell off the charts as soon as Breezy returned.

    I don’t know him or like his songs either especially cos he dissed R Kelly whose style he’s jagged to be where he is today

    No he is trying to jack Chris Brown’s mixtape ideal & hip-hop persona

    Ne-yo tried to steal this & failed badly.

    I guess they never thought Chris will return. Usher, Trey, Neyo & Miguel => shock of their lives

    He just reminds me of Nicki jagging Lil Kim & Gaga jagging Maddona/ Britney Spears


  3. luvlife

    I love the second song.


  4. Triniti

    Is Trey platinum yet?


  5. Ashleigh

    I co-sign 100% with @ughreally. Everything you said is so true and most artist are underrated. Trey stays true to himself and his fans. What alot of people don’t realize that he started off rapping and doing mixtapes so he is sticking to what he knows best. He doesn’t need recognition by awards to be hot and real. I love Trey all day 6 years strong and I support him in any thing he does. And I quote him “Haters gonna hate but a hater never ate a scrape off my plate”

    A Trey Songz


  6. yuuuup

    trey songz isn’t a good artist?! wtf? HE IS.
    i mean he’s got talent ( i saw him live and he defintely got a voice!!! ), he’s very handsome ;D and a nice person as well so stfu he also got rapping wtf are you talking about


  7. Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson

    Downloading it as we speak.


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  10. miss songz

    trey is da shit!!!


  11. Okie Dokie this 1

    “Haters start with H cause it comes after a G”

    Trey did that!


  12. Fan Of A Fan

    not bad :D


  13. PY72011

    I would have loved the end part to stand on its own would of been brilliant. Good tho.


  14. WonderLand19

    This was utter crap. Treys should stick to singing because his flow and lyrics are really weak.
    PLUS, ‘Ready’ was his best album. He should find out why and maybe not sing about sex 24/7. ‘Ready’ made me a fan, then i fell out of love with him because of his attiude and his constant use of sex in every song. Plus, his live performances need improving. When he sung ‘Your side of the bed’ at the BET awards, he embrassed himself AND prince.

    Real talk.


    brianna Reply:

    @WonderLand19, girl buy u mad cuz u can’t do it like him “HATER”


  15. ?

    I mean why does music have to be so vulgar all the time now? He can’t be successful with a clean cut boy next door image. It’s annoying what we are doing to the culture. There are more things in life to talk about besides sex and haters.

    Tupac shakur, wu tang clan, dmx, could rap about fun stuff and switch it to deeper subjects back in the day? In rnb you had guys like carl thomas, john legend, prince, and michael Jackson. Why cant ppl take notes.


  16. brianna

    Don’t worry bout none of does hater dey just mad dat dey anit doing it big like u keep doing eat u do best and remember “dose HATERS are yo MOTIVATION “


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