Mariah Carey Remakes Christmas Classic with Justin Bieber

Mariah Carey

Christmas comes early for Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber fans. The pop diva will be spreading more cheer this holiday season with a newly completed collaboration with the teen idol. The labelmates have recorded a duet of Mariah’s Christmas classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

Mariah broke the news in a video posted online. “Justin and I are doing this duet together. It is my song ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You,’ which I wrote and produced,” she told fans. “I think a lot of you are already very surprised by this and you’re going to be even more surprised when you hear it. The song sounds great. I’m very excited for everybody to hear it this Christmas and to be totally festive with our festive collabo.”

The song will appear on Justin’s Christmas album Under the Mistletoe, which also features collaborations with Busta Rhymes, Usher, and Boyz II Men. It arrives in stores November 1.

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  1. Twitter.Com/Ciaramedlies

    Is anyone here for this? No, seriously.


    Brandon Reply:

    @Twitter.Com/Ciaramedlies, let’s keep it real. People are still checking for Mariah because she consistently delivers. No one’s checking for Ciara.


  2. tav

    Damn shame..


    Reese's Pieces Reply:

    @tav lool especially afta he cussed her in 09 sayin he dnt like her anymor coz he dnt knw wat she’s doing these days *rolls eyes* but a good move for her I suppose, showin people that she’s still around and gettin ready for her new album. And what’s this about a christmas film? Huh?


  3. Rhomeyn

    Can’t wait!!!


  4. tanisha

    this is going to be INCREDIBLE!! I saw his movie and he is really talented and she is looking amazing. excited for christmas. best time of the year!


  5. LOL

    has she lost her mind???


    Tanika Reply:

    @LOL, Child she lost it in 1996!


    Fan Of A Fan Reply:

    @Tanika, LMFAOOOO *dead*


  6. Rib

    We shall see. Her version is all I need, but it’s cool that so many people have and want to remake the song. Michael Buble this year and Lady Antebellum last year, now Bieber. Go Mariah!


  7. DRB

    Get your residuals. The fruits of writing a classic.

    We all know her version should’ve gone to #1 so this is the best chance she has.


    diego Reply:

    @DRB, Damn kids dont know shit her version did go to number 1 and broke records google it


    Drb Reply:

    @diego, Yes. Still didn’t go to number 1.


  8. Joyams

    mariah is gonna ruin her own classic…. nooooo


  9. Oohhhbaby

    She’s expanding her horizons with the younger generation…so she can still rule as the queen of music..She Looks GOOD!!!!


  10. latonya



  11. Replay

    Omg such a shame…


  12. MusicRulesAll

    I like bieber’s stuff recently, but I won’t lie, I was really shocked when I found out…They might as well make it a bit more upbeat sounding cuz honestly, I don’t know if Bieber has the vocal range to pull it off. We’ll see.


  13. LilRoyalty



  14. johanexis



  15. Hugh

    She looks great!


    Weaveney Reply:

    @Hugh, She looks FANTASTIC. WOW.


  16. @matt_hamrick

    Not the biggest fan of Bieber, but this will help Mariah be seen by a younger crowd and hoepfully remain the biggest pop/r&b artist of the past two decades


  17. Dumbass101

    I think this will be such a cute collaboration, and this collab may help start another comeback for her like in 05. Mariah been showing all dem bitches how it’s done since 1990!!

    And also the story about JB saying Mariah’s current music sucked was a fake ass rumour.


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