Nicole Scherzinger Performs on ‘GMA’ [Video]

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger rose bright and early to perform her new single “Don’t Hold Your Breath” on “Good Morning America’s” Fall Concert Series.

The “X Factor” judge shared how Whitney Houston inspired her at a young age. “Whitney is just magical,” Nicole told host Robin Roberts. “There’s no one else like her, ever been like her, and she just spoke to my heart. I knew right then that I wanted to be a singer.”

Nicole will star in the upcoming film Men in Black III and is readying her solo debut Killer Love for a U.S. release later this year. “It’s an empowering album for everyone, but it comes from heartbreak and love as well. It makes you want to dance, it makes you feel good, it’s uplifting.”

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  1. Thiago

    That’s what they call “stage presence”.
    She’s so talented… This girl rocks!
    I’m really can’t wait for her album… KILLER LOVE!


  2. Bijan

    wow even with heels on she looks short. I thought that was kind of interesting.
    I don’t LOVE her. But she’s starting to grow on me. At first I thought she didn’t have much of a chance in the industry as a solo artist. We’ll see…


  3. kiki

    i love her! she is very talented! xoxo


  4. Jordan Gabriel

    better than anything i expected… hmmm.. she can sing!


  5. DAMN!

    YES!!!!!!! cant wait for the albummmm!!!


  6. Fa

    This is one of the best pop songs of last year and as far as I know it was number one in the UK…Nicole sounds the best when she doesnt try hard…very cool pop vocalist


  7. anewephiphany

    omg i love here every since the pussycat dolls she is just hella sexy and beautiful in all that she does.


  8. @Lewis_Bennett

    Us Brits are lucky! We’ve already had her album which entered the top 10 and 4 singles from it! The first 3 peaking within the top 3 and on one of them being number 1! The album is so good and there will be new tracks for the US version which I cant WAIT for!


  9. Kyle

    She did good! I’ve never really been too intrigued with her as a solo artist but I think she can make it. It’s taken her a lot of tries but I have a gut feeling that this just might be her break. Between the X-factor and this song, people might start paying attention to her.


  10. zeporia moore

    Very Very classy! Good voice, smooth personna!!! Loved heer!!


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