Keyshia Cole Speaks to the Ladies with New Album Title

Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole is sending out a message to her fellow women on her fifth album. The R&B singer has announced a title for the project.

The follow-up to last year’s Calling All Hearts will be called Woman to Woman, she revealed on Twitter. Cole has recorded a collaboration with Trey Songz and has been in the studio with hitmakers including Boi-1da, Cool & Dre, Toxic, and Ester Dean.

The first single will drop in December with the album to follow in February. It marks her first release without the guidance of Interscope A&R executive Ron Fair, who departed the label earlier this year.

“So excited about this album! Although Ron Fair is no longer with Geffen records, N i’m very accustomed 2 him being here. MY NEW TEAM IS GR8,” she tweeted. “I will name them all very soon. New team. New life. New album. My child. My husband. 30’s are the new 20’s LOL. AND SO FORTH AND SO ON.”

She’s returning to her roots with the new music. “Had to bring the REDHEAD KEYSH bak for this album. Cause I LOVE my ladies. MOTIVATION.”

The singer, who turns 30 this week, celebrated her marriage to husband Daniel Gibson in Hawaii last month and is taping a new reality series “Family First.”

What do you think of Keyshia’s new album title? Let us know below.

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  1. Kwayzee

    YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CANT WAIT KEYSH !!!!!!!!!!



    Aaron Reply:

    @Kwayzee, :)


  2. Cranberry



    Music Reply:

    @Cranberry, Aw Leave Her Alone.

    Too Excited about all of this Keysh, can’t wait for it. You look good with red hair by the way I like they way it makes you look.


  3. Yeah4Lu



  4. Yess

    Non-MotherFuckin Factor BITCH


  5. Songstress

    YESS The Keyshia Cole I grew to love is back !!!! I’m loving her touch on R&B more and more with every project !


  6. Kayla

    I’m excited for this! I love Keyshia and she doesn’t get enough credit.


  7. christin

    i just cant wait im so happy for her omg!!!!!!!!!


  8. mrmagoo

    Booo… no thanks.


  9. diego

    Mary J Blige My Life 2 is out November so this chick better accept second cause Mary not playin this time around


  10. NovaLidole

    Sounds like something another male bashing album from basic R&B artist. When will these disposable/forgettable female r&b singers realize that women don’t wanna hear that. Especially when u have a mediocre artist like Keyshia parading around talking about the same subject. Not to mention, the album will be full of Ameriie’s “In Love & War” b-sides. I understand admiration for A but its not hard to be original and come up with something fresh. But I guess when your appeal and voice is limited to only one crowd it may be hard. So I’m sure the hoods in America will enjoy this mess


    omar Reply:

    @NovaLidole, Amerie?? , who is that, talking about someone that can’t even push 100,000 units in the first week.


    ChrisHampton Reply:

    @NovaLidole, You r such a fuckin hater AMERIE aint shit her songs suck NOT to mention all her beats & songs sound the same KEYSHIA brings something different rather its the same subject or not


    Manuel Reply:

    @NovaLidole, Research before you judge. She already stated that this album would be nothing like that! She has a successful career, child, and husband! Why do you think she’s focused on her past. She’s over that. Done. and you should be too!


  11. Kenyata ortiz

    Luv u Kesha. Cant wait luv ur music… Get it girl!!!!!


  12. K

    How did Mary come into this, there totally different ppl, if you don’t like Keyshia, then don’t click on the post.

    All Haters Sit, and fall back in your computer chairs.


  13. ChrisHampton

    Can’t Wait I Love Keyshia Her Voice Has Groen So Much So You Know This Album Will Be Fire & she’s Back to Her Old Ways CLASSIC..Always Been A Fan


  14. YUPPP

    Oh snap Keyshia, Monica, and Mary…. this Fall/Winter is about to be epic for the R&B ladies


    Destined Reply:

    @YUPPP, yessir!


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  16. Lifestyle

    the best singer of all time.


  17. andy

    Kim fans are mad, I hope this album is better than her previous one.


  18. J Fresh

    I’m very excited about this project. Seems as though she has a great team behind her. This album title sounds promising. Bring it, KEYSHIA!!!


  19. Jellybean485

    I’m excited to see what new art she’ll produce, good luck to her


  20. yooo

    woman to woman? come on too basic


  21. mnm

    gonna flop again.


    lapresha's mother Reply:

    @mnm, i kno that’s rite!


    K Reply:

    @lapresha’s mother, coming from somebody with a name like yours

    Keep hating


  22. lapresha's mother

    Does she not realize that she just tried to go back to her roots & flopped drastically. She saying the same this she said for Calling All Hearts….she need to give that red head faze up chile cuz she has matured too much for it. We need a Just Like You album!


  23. Terrance

    I’m excited about this album and hopefully her new single is around in December and can’t wait to buy it and see how her new song sounds like cause it’s very different than her 4 albums but keyshia i love you so much and always come up with new music & everything


  24. Perry P

    I love the red haired Keyshia Cole. I need some I Should Have Cheated tracks back.


  25. Nesha Bee

    …I love Keysia Cole’s ballads. I can hear the wisdom already.



    yessss!!!!!!!! im sooooo excited…like i cant wait!


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  28. Carolyn

    I just wanna say keyshia cole sings from the heart and to me that saying alot about her spirit and soul. I love the no# 6 track from the calling all hearts album. That song spoke to me becuz i’ve walked in those shoes before. Keep it real keyshia cuz i will be buying the next album too.


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