New Music: JON MCXRO – ‘The Fifth of Never’ [Album]

The Fifth of Never

The Stereotypes have crafted hits for Far East Movement, Mary J. Blige, and Justin Bieber, and now the Grammy-nominated production trio is stepping out from behind the scenes with their debut album The Fifth of Never.

The group goes by JON MCXRO, an acronym made from its members’ names (Jon Street, RayRo, and Jerm Beats), along with their artist, Houston rapper “Three” McDaniel.

“The album title is a term we frequently use, and when asked when we were going to start our project, our reply was always, ‘on the 5th of never,’” explained RayRo.

Get the party started with the 10 feel-good records featuring Miguel, D.A. of Chester French, Sterling Simms, and Travis Garland, plus additional production from Pop Wansel and Ra Charm.

Stream or download the album for free via Facebook.

The Fifth of Never Tracklisting

1. “Pop Music”
2. “Help”
3. “Girlfriend” (Produced By Pop Wansel)
4. “Lego”
5. “Hello (Co-Produced By Ra Charm)
6. “Give It Up” featuring Miguel
7. “She Be Workin’”
8. “Mercy” featuring D.A. Of Chester French
9. “That’s Right” featuring Sterling Simms (Co-Produced By Ra Charm)
10. “Somewhere in Italy” featuring Travis Garland

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  1. Joe banks

    Damn this slaps!!! I just listened to this album front to back and it’s sick! Haven’t heard a dope mood album in awhile. I am a new fan! Jon MCXRO!!!!


  2. andy

    I liked Lego so I’ll give it a chance, *downloads*


  3. jimscreechie

    too generic.


  4. jeff kleezey

    i just downloaded this..cant wait to hear it…if its anything like Lego or Girlfriend, its a classic!!!


  5. Haris Jaganjac

    This album is amazing i give it a 4 out of 5 only thing its missing is MORE songs lol but seriously from one artist to another this is an amazing album and i advise everyone to download or buy it from itunes immediately or as soon as you can haven’t heard something that makes me want to listen to it more and more with every click of the replay button


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