Machine Gun Kelly Rages with Drake in Cleveland [Video]

Drake and Machine Gun Kelly

Drake’s “Club Paradise” tour pulled into Cleveland State University last night with a special guest. October’s Very Own showed love to C-town by bringing out hometown hero Machine Gun Kelly to perform his single “Wild Boy,” raging on stage as Drake did “Headlines.” “Ya’ll make noise some for Machine Gun Kelly one time,” said Drizzy.

The Bad Boy signee was still coming off the high of the evening. “I haven’t smiled that big in a long time,” he tweeted. “Thank you Cleveland for believing so hard in a kid like me, thank u @Drake for tonight. LACE UP!!”

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  1. bknyhustle


    Take Care done created a whole new genre of music

    the God done invented Quiet Storm rap…

    Drake is the “Babyface” of hiphop…

    he’s runnin this rap shit…

    niccas better get jobs

    #thankyouJewGawd OvO>>


    Michael Reply:

    @bknyhustle, no it didn’t. Stop sucking Drake up. He ain’t runnin’ shit.


    bknyhustle Reply:


    cmon son, Drizzy Hendrix Marley is top 5 dead or alive just off of one lp…
    who arguing with the Gawd? “don’t do it, pls don’t do it…cos one of us goes in and we all go thru it… that’s just sumn they know…(drake’s voice)


    Take Care is wake up enlightened, happy, and spiritually fulfilled, knowing that the Earth, Sun, & Moon are all in alignment and at peace with one another, music

    #thankyoujewgawd i been born again.


  2. ThankMeLater

    OVOXO <3


  3. W

    “my girlfriend nicki minaj” awwwww drake.


  4. DrakeTakeCare

    DRIZZY my idoleeeeee!!!!…like @bknyhustle said…drake is definitley runnin’ this rap shit right know. TAKE CARE OUT ON TUESDAY!


  5. Yeah

    Drake shit sucks. TF was that soft ass shit he put out? def wasn’t hip-hop smh @ u ppl


  6. Yup

    Mac Miller Machine Gun Kelly Yellawolf are all frauds and drake will endorse just about anybody take kreayshawn for example.. jus sad rap game gone to ifffy for my taste rite now dont get me wrong I like me some Drake… semi but jus smh


  7. hmm

    i think you guys need to understand drake to understand why he cosigns other artists:

    im SURE people were saying he was phony when he tried to pop off seeing as how he was bi racial and lived with his Jewish mom and grandma, AND was a STAR on Degrassi and had money.

    let the naysayers say whatever because RAGE PACK is seriously a DOPE ASS mixtape and i’d actually pay to own it. i truly dont care if MGK is a phony cause at the end of the day his music suits a purpose when i want to be hyped up.

    Everyone said Ross was a phony but his music still speaks for him. That cinematic sound hits you and you feel like like a boss. Everyone says Flocka isnt really about that life seeing as how his mom is Deb Antney…but it doesnt matter because everyone has cranked and probably knows all the words to no hands, hard in the paint, o lehhhhh do it, ETC.

    just vibe with music. if you dont like it, dont buy it. dont support it. but dont say someone doesnt have the right to release it. clearly theyre on the radar cause they have fans so, is that WHY YOU MAD? *nicki thug face w/ big eyes*


  8. Sharp Tongue

    Why does Drake hold his lips like that?


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