Rick Ross, Bow Wow Delay Albums to 2012

Rick Ross and Bow Wow

The fall release lineup is getting slimmer by the day. Rick Ross and Bow Wow are the latest rap releases to see delays.

The Teflon Don’s fifth LP God Forgives, I Don’t will likely be pushed from its December 13 date due to his recent seizures. “[Because of] my little health situation, I had to postpone a lot of my groundwork,” Rozay told MTV News. “If I wanted to, I’m pretty sure I could still meet that date, but I think for the people, it’s more important [to lay groundwork] for when I get out there and look them in the face and touch them hands.”

While he promised fans he wouldn’t push it back again, Bow Wow’s Cash Money debut Underrated has been moved from December 6 to an unspecified 2012 date. The 24-year-old rapper recently shot a video for lead single “Sweat” with Lil Wayne.

Additionally, projects from Monica, Birdman, Nicole Scherzinger, and Taio Cruz won’t hit shelves until the new year, and we’ve heard that albums from Young Money’s Tyga and Lil Twist will also not arrive in time for Christmas.

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  1. neil

    what’s new for the OTHER ymcmb artists… same old same old hahaha


    Ronie Reply:

    @neil, I said the same thing.


  2. why ask

    Does anyone really give a damn about Bow Wow? No one is checking for him and the crap he putting out. real talk!


    Redchainsaw Reply:

    @why ask, Lmao,that’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw this post


    James Dean Reply:

    @Redchainsaw, hahhaha. ME TOO! Bow Wow should have really stuck it with movies.


    Ice Reply:

    @why ask, honestly, you have a point. lol. I want to give him a chance, but the music sucks.


  3. Will

    ymcmb is slacking now. This is all very typical. They need to just drop Bow Wows album and keep it moving cause its not gonna do numbers anyway nobody is checking for him #Fact


  4. Weezy P*ssy Baby

    YMCMB Always State Their “Hard Workers & Go Getters” – Oh Ok! Pooooooor You FishMan.


  5. John

    YMCMB has to release no one is relevant on the label … YMCMB = Wayne , Drake & Nicki Minaj that’s it that’s all !!!

    No one cares about Bow Wow , Tyga, Birdman , Lil Twist


    John Reply:

    @John, Realise*


    dummy Reply:

    @John, lmfao…tygas deff bein cared about stoopid he just came off a huge tour…lol…you forgot to add ur self to the ‘not cared for’ list


    Cranberry Reply:

    @dummy, Being an opening act (one of MANY, mind you) for an artist who’s own career is rather dismal isn’t “huge.”


  6. They Mad

    I’m sure YMCMB will be okay till the other acts are ready to drop, i mean they’ve released the two biggest selling albums in ALL of urban music this year already in Carter IV and Take Care. When you run sh*t, you can afford to take your time.

    I’m sad to hear about Ross getting pushed back though, GFID was posed to run the 4th quarter. I guess Drake will just have to reign all the way through the new year


  7. Huh

    lol @ people saying “nobody’s relevent on the label” How many other labels in ALL of hip hop have 3 platinum artists signed right now?

    Not a single won.

    YMCMB runs the industry. When Tyga drops he’ll do Wale/J. Cole numbers. They’re more than fine


    Drew Reply:

    @Huh, no way will Tyga do Wale/ J. Cole numbers…hence the many push backs


    James Dean Reply:

    @Huh, Yes Tyga will do J Cole number if Birdman buys 200k copies. Real talk!


  8. Joe

    I’m still mad at YMCMB because they’re doing NOTHING with the homie Jae Millz…HIS album should come out before any of his other labelmates do (we’ve waited longer!)


  9. KimIsTheQueen

    I’m kinda disappointed with Rozay’s push back but Bow Wow *side eye* if you can’t say anything nice……well Bow WOw is handsome in the above pic.


  10. anoymous

    i know bow wow fans gots to be mad as hell… He kept promising this is the last time.


  11. A Realist

    Flops galore!


  12. Cassive

    I was looking forward to Rozay’s new album.



    I can understand about Rick Ross with his seizers and all but Bow Wow, leave the rap game right now. Seriously and for real. Nobody is not checking for you anymore nor the BS you put out and you can call me hater all you want too. YMCMB just go head on and release his trash, just go head on, go head on. You got enough money as it is YMCMB Drake, Nicki, Tyga and Wayne fuck the rest.


    SHUTUP Reply:

    @BOW WOW RETIRE PLEASE!!!!!!, F**k u bow wow the best there is bret hart in rapping. What about u u work at lowes.


  14. PoorChildStar

    Why don’t Bow Wow just hang it up. And YMCMB just go head on and release his album just the heck of it and keep it moving, keep it moving, keep it moving. Nobody is not checking for him anymore and he knows it. You got enough acts Drake, Tyga, Nicki, and most of all Wayne.


  15. Drake Take Care put effect on them

    maybe that’s why lol. Drake album is the best album i ever heard in my life!!!!!!!


  16. Blame Busta

    That’s prob the reason why. LOL. Birdman signed him to Cash Money with a single already… As far as Rick Ross, he have a reason.


  17. MsL

    That’s one time i wish i could manage Bow’s Career like seriously. The prob is Bow Wow has too much Goddamn Pride. That single Girl or Boy, that could have been his single right there. It would have been #1 on itunes no, seriously. Sweat single, that’s a horrible song. That song was soo horrible even Wayne can’t save it. it’s that terrible. When his album got pushed back, i wasn’t surprised at all. If i was a owner of YMCMB you know what i would do, Drake and Nicki need to move to another label no seriously. Drake need to go places like RocNation but to be honest, Drake is soo damn good he need is own label. While Nicki she need to go to maybe Jive Records or LA Reid or something maybe YMCMB stop dick riding them!!!! And focus on other artists who are struggling like Bow Wow, tyga, and so forth. All i can say is don’t hate on my opinion.


  18. Ms l

    I’m not suprised especially Bow Wow. This young man has too much pride and that’s the problem. That single Girl or Boy could have been his single instead of Sweat. (Sweat is not a good song, in fact it’s not a good song for the album period) Ymcmb i think it’s about time you need to stop dicking riding Drake and Nicki and focus on other artists who are struggling. Enough Said.


    Ehhh Reply:

    @Ms l, Why comment and say the same shit twice?


    jos eh Reply:

    @Ehhh, “Bowwowretireplease” “poorchildstar” and “ms l” “msL” are the same person it seems.

    Look at how they repeat when they type ” just go head on, go head on. ” from one, then ” and keep it moving, keep it moving, keep it moving.”

    That’s super weird and creepy actually.

    My comment is this though. Rick Ross should’ve released his album already, it’s losing momentum. But it’s good that Wale’s album can breathe since they are the same label.

    With Drake out , Tyga, Bow Wow , and Twist will let his album,it’s promo, and events simmer for a minute. Lil Twist should’ve released in the summer though. He was on some kind of tour I think and BET was playing his videos. I think he had a good buzz then. Now he has to compete with releases from people like Diggy Simmons and probably that kid on X-Factor, Astro.

    People should stop saying Bow Wow should quit or he’s finished/no one’s checking for him. Just because you aren’t or the people you associate with doesn’t means he doesn’t have a strong fanbase. Who encourages a 24yr old to retire at anything?
    Bow Wow isn’t really just a child star with a lucky break and a one hit wonder. Every album he released for 7 years straight went platinum, gold, or multiplatinum. Lil Romeo, Zane, Young Berg,etc etc never did that so he’s obviously on a different level. His last album didn’t work but there was only one real single and he left the label withing months of it’s release. He had no momentum while he was filming movies (“Lottery Ticket”, Madea” that one with Evan Ross that’s coming out soon).
    I don’t like Tyga’s music (and I’ve tried countless times), but I can tell from his appearances and social media sites that he has a really supportive loyal fanbase that he’s gathered from his mixtapes who are waiting for him to release an album on his own terms (not that Lime in the Coconut stuff he first came out with). It will be like J.Cole just for a different demographic. He’s like Bow Wow on Bow Wow’s 4th album…not sure if Tyga will go platinum though, but he’s in that in between stage of a being a teen hearthrob and a money and streets rapper for people his age (20-25 years old). He’ll do at least 70,000 to open with and end at gold which is good.

    No one is saying Cash Money and YMCMB rappers aren’t Jay Z, Kanye, and Eminem but there’s a lane for them and any under 25 rapper. No need to bash them and tell them to give up. Just buy who you listen to and let it rock.


    Ehh Reply:

    @jos eh, Woah fix your wall-o-text there buddy. Not that serious. Don’t need a lecture.


    jos eh Reply:


    It wasn’t a lecture. I’m commenting on several different people to talk about album delays because that’s what the topic had in it. And I responded to the comments about Bow Wow should give up and I don’t think it’s a one sentence answer to put in
    “let Bow Wow rock” doesn’t really cover how I was speaking on him being underrated…undercredited.


  19. MusicIsLife

    Why can’t some of these YMCMB artists get it in their head that there’s a reason that their album KEEPS getting pushed back? If I was them, I’d leave. Yeah they all pretty much had an album push back at one point but still, when it’s constantly getting pushed back how can they keep smiling about it? It would piss me off.


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  21. Hugh

    Make way for DRAKE!

    TARE CARE son!


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  23. Well

    Lil Twist keeps saying his album will come on the 20th of December. So they got that wrong.


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