Tank Caters to the Ladies on Concept Album


Tank is planning on showing the ladies how to love. Currently readying the March release of his fifth album Savior, the singer-songwriter says that the follow-up to last year’s Now or Never will be a concept album where “every song caters to the women” and that the music will respond to different emotions.

Savior is a concept album, when Now or Never was more of an ‘I’m back’ album,” Tank tells Rap-Up.com. “With that one, I was fighting the good fight for R&B. It took a lot of turns but focused on R&B. Savior is very much about subject matter. Every song caters to the women. Musically it takes a little bit more of a journey because some women like it slow and sensual and some women like it rough, so we kind of mix up the music to convey that.”

The smooth crooner dropped his mixtape Diary of a Mad Man on Black Friday, a project where he showed a looser side of himself—something that listeners have responded to. “I’ve found that women do like a little bit of crazy, so it’s been received well so far,” he shares.

For Savior, Tank tucks away his crazy and tries his best to be a woman’s hero. “It’s called Savior because every woman deserves a savior. I’m not saying I’m a savior in any way, but women do deserve one.”

While Tank has already finished recording Savior, he’s holding off until next year to drop the LP for promotional reasons. “We gotta set the album up. We can’t just throw it out there,” he explains. “The fourth quarter kind of shuts down because of the holidays, so we don’t want a shutdown during our campaign.”

–Reporting by Rajul Punjabi

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  1. latonya

    when does he NOT cater to the ladie, i mean, his own career is full of love songs. you might well say “ladies get ready to throw up the panties cause tank is putting out a new album!” bam straight to the point


    Phoenix_Wright Reply:

    @latonya, you said exactly what I was going to say! He been catering to women a lot of times before. Only thing is this album will have 100% of it rather than 60%. Basically nothing new, which really isn’t a bad thing as long as he does it well


    Latonya Reply:

    @Phoenix_Wright, exactly yep, im sure he gon do great but the introduction of it was just wierd to me.


  2. Oh

    As long as its better than his mixtape and Now or Never. They are both blah to me.


    mr_rosewood Reply:

    @Oh, Now Or Never was probably the best rNb albums to drop last year, how did u not like that album?


    RAH RAH Reply:

    @mr_rosewood, exactly. Now or Never was AMAZING work. Nothing but real, R&B music. smh


    Kilyan Reply:

    @RAH RAH,

    Now or never is the shhh !!
    Every song is hot !!!


    .... Reply:

    @mr_rosewood, RIGHT! That album is in my car as we speak. STILL BLAST IT! Thats true R&B. This guy’s voice is a powerhouse…If you disagree…YOU DONT KNOW R&B.


  3. KB

    NOW AND NEVER!! Tank best CD to date, i brought it when it came out last year on my bday and it is still in my car playing today, I LOVE THAT CD, this man is THE TRUTH!!! no one can touch him at all!!


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