Video: Cori B. – ‘SMH’

Cori B.

Cori B. blows up “The Spot” in the video for “SMH,” her second single produced by 1500 or Nothin’. The 12-year-old daughter of Snoop Dogg busts out some dance moves in a talent show, while others who don’t impress the host get silly string in their faces. Jerkin’ crew The Ranger$ and the Chi-Town Finest Breakers show off their fancy footwork as Cori puts her spin on digital acronyms like LOL and OMG. Cori B.’s debut album will arrive in early 2012 via Boss Lady Entertainment.

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  1. Redchainsaw

    Very catchy song,very kid friendly


  2. BelieDat




    @BelieDat, Lol.


    bitch please Reply:



    andy Reply:

    @bitch please, DEAD ^


  3. aaa

    I really like this. Kid has a cute voice!!!


  4. latonya

    “lighting up the charts with everything she does”? isn’t this her first single? Its a catchy song but the video is forgettable.


  5. Joyams



  6. Drizzy

    stupid dumb kids


  7. World Music News » Blog Archive » New Video: Cori B., ‘SMH’

    [...] + Watch Cori B.'s "SMH" video. [...]

  8. aight

    what does “smh” mean ? (sorry I’m not English speaker -_-)


    AlexisOvoxo Reply:

    @aight, shaking my head


    Drake&CiaraFan Reply:

    @aight, Shake my head, or in other words “this is stupid/ridiculous”


    aight Reply:

    @Drake&CiaraFan, okay… thank u !


  9. xx

    LMAOOOOOO at this video!!! At her sweet 16, she gon b like “Damn! Wuz that me in the video?!” LMAOOO
    Willow is soo much better even though she is also flopping!


  10. kim

    It is a very catchy song,very kid friendly.. This is a good song to just rock to with kids. Remember Kids should have something other than Willow to listen to. Give other kids a chance. Remember this kinda music is for kids not adults. I don’t see grown a** 27 year olds dancing to Willow Smith or Justin B in the club.


  11. Shade

    smh is right….smh


  12. liz

    Kids need their own music. I don’t see what was so bad about it.


  13. Sharp Tongue

    My head hurt from this shit smh….


  14. Fan of a fan

    Hmm… Awww Lols. As long as I don’t hear it on the radio then I’m fine.


  15. JMarie

    Cute song! Cute video!


  16. Tuzdai

    Clearly y’all mad at 12 year old girl who acts her age. Smh she is doing her thang. Big ups cori b your so cute and very sweet don’t change that.


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