Janet Jackson Talks Weight Loss, Conrad Murray, & Advice for Niece on ‘GMA’

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson took to “GMA” to announce her new role as spokeswoman for Nutrisystem, the leading home delivery weight loss program. In a sit-down interview with Juju Chang, the pop icon spoke out about her weight loss struggles, the verdict in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, and her niece Paris’ Hollywood dreams.

The superstar singer revealed that her body image issues began with her role on “Good Times.” “I didn’t like it. We always find something wrong with us, somewhere,” said Janet, who found comfort in junk food. “I could really easily pick myself apart and that’s what I did.”

At the age of 45, Ms. Jackson is finally feeling confident about her body. “I’m able to look in the mirror. I couldn’t do that before,” she shared. “I’m very grateful to be able to do what I love most, what I really feel I was here to do, and that’s to help others.”

Janet also talked publicly for the first time since Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced in the death of her brother, Michael Jackson. “It doesn’t bring my brother back—that would be the ultimate—but the best was done at that moment,” she said.

When asked what she thinks of her niece Paris landing a role in a Hollywood film, she sighed. “I’m happy for her because this is what she wants to do,” said Janet. “I told her you should really take this time to enjoy your youth to its fullest because you lose so much of your childhood in this industry.”

Janet, who has been performing around the world on her “Number Ones” tour, has had a year of highs and lows. “It’s been a great deal of happiness, it’s been some sadness, it’s been difficult at times.”

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  1. brainfood.com



    MUSIQ Reply:



    Anita Williams Reply:

    @brainfood.com, Me too!


  2. daniel

    Michael would be horrified by seeing this. If that girl really wanted to share her father’s feelings she would have respected what he did to protect her and her brothers, but obviously she doesn’t care as the only thing important for her is that NOW she can do whatever she wants.


  3. Audrey Hepburn

    This woman is the ULTIMATE diva and epitome of BEAUTY. She is so elegant and such a lady, not to mention the best female performer of all time. Love Ya Janet, xoxoxo MYM :D


  4. lee

    i’ve never seen her look more beautiful


    Anita Williams Reply:

    @lee, You are so right! I wholeheartedly agree! She’s absolutely stunning!


  5. kb

    i agree with what she said about her neice, i think with everything their family has been through it would be nice for michael’s kids to stay out of industry and attempt a normal life


    kb Reply:

    @kb, niece*


  6. juAn

    Janet looks incredible (as usual). Her niece, IMO, needs to chill. She’s too young to make these kinds of decisions and definitely shouldn’t be on any talk shows without an adult family member/mentor coaching her. I wish the best for her though.


  7. juney

    Paris said during her Ellen interview that she was glad the students at school didn’t know who she was when she enrolled, so that she could be “normal”. Well, she’s certainly giving away that normalcy by pursuing a film career at the ripe old age of 13. Any contract for her to “star” in this Lunden film will need court approval due to her age, so this is not a done deal yet.


  8. leigh holmes

    janet jackson is a ugly girl and has no respect for her dead brother if she really cared then she wouldnt say anything about her ffather so anyone who likes needs to get a life cuz they oviouly dosent have one !!!!


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