Robin Thicke Charms on ‘Chelsea Lately’ [Video]

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke turned up the heat when he visited “Chelsea Lately” on Monday. After downing some scotch, the ladies’ man emerged from backstage for a quirky interview. Chelsea’s “next boyfriend” spoke about his wife Paula Patton and his new lease on life after becoming a dad (“I think I’ve just blossomed into a lotus flower”) and even joked with the talk show host (“I’ve finally become a woman”). He also revealed how lack of sex inspired his song “All Tied Up” and what he learned from his father Alan Thicke’s debonair ways.

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  1. ughreally

    This was hilarious. He’s awesome


    Marie Reply:

    Luv this guy!


  2. um

    robin thicke is doing the mossssst. he did the most on the breakfast club too


  3. Redchainsaw

    “are you black?” “only the most important parts” lmao
    Robin is hot,his haircut really changed his look….he use to look like cast away with his long hair


  4. @Lewis_Bennett

    ‘The uploader has not made this video available in your country’


  5. leslie arnelle

    yes love him and Paula


  6. David

    Hilarious good interview.


  7. jarvis

    It was a funny interview..he looks tall…but i agree with the poster up top…he was kinda doing the most..i don’t think he “talks” like that really. :-/


  8. D

    He was so druuuuuuuuuuuunk…..for some reason I feel like Paula is gon be pissed at him and he still won’t be gettin none


  9. Epps

    Don’t screw it up with the drinking Robin! You’re too brilliant, and you got too good a thing going with Paula. Relax man!


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