New Music: Trey Songz – ‘Shot Caller’

Trey Songz

Trery Songz presents a gift for his fans with “Shot Caller,” a new song released via Twitter. “This is what I do when I get bored,” says Trigga, who rhymes over French Montana’s “Shot Caller” beat.

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  1. luvlife



  2. my name is oo

    He is better than drake.


    Shade Reply:

    @my name is oo, fuck outta here


  3. Karl Anya

    Let’s just listen to music for ones and
    stop comparing for once.


    Tony Reply:

    @Karl Anya, i agree


    Trevon Reply:

    @Karl Anya, Thank yUu thats what im saying HATERS!


    Ice Reply:

    @Karl Anya, Amen.


    tuesday dece dimez Reply:

    @Karl Anya, Ture Agree w/that


  4. Chicadee

    Uhh, Trery Songz…


  5. Kayla

    I loved it! Go Trey!!


  6. just me

    that’s hot


  7. ummmm

    i dont wanna sound like a hater but trey has change he trying 2 b hard he think he’s the best which there are other ppl that sang better then him live mario,r kelly,ne yo and more


    JUICY P Reply:

    @ummmm, he has changed 100% i been a trey fan since gotta make and i dont even listen to his music now its not the same feeling i used to get back in the day listening to it


  8. LuvIt

    I like it! He is supposed to think he is the best. I think I am the best. You can go around thinking some1 else is better than you if you chose, but every1 doesn’t think that way.


  9. Yeah

    TRUUUUUE.. liking treyz raps i fksz wit it!


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