Trey Songz Announces ‘Anticipation 2our’ with Big Sean

Trey Songz and Big Sean

Trey Songz is building anticipation for his upcoming album Chapter V. The ladies’ man will head out on the road beginning in February on his “Anticipation 2our,” named after his latest mixtape.

The North American trek kicks off February 9 in Cleveland, playing shows in Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and Atlanta, with Big Sean as the supporting act. Tickets are on sale now in select markets.

“This tour has literally been years in the making,” said Trey. “Historically, my mixtapes have served as a creative outlet for me to serve my fans without the pressure of creating records solely for sales, so this is no ordinary tour. Every sound, every emotion that I ever expressed through my music you will get every single night. No one will leave this show untouched.”

Big Sean added, “Me and Trey are two people who came from different places with the same intention. To change the world and help lead a generation through entertainment. You’ll see the passion we put into our show every night, and that’s what will make us great.”

See a full itinerary below.

Trey Songz “Anticipation 2our” Dates with Big Sean

Feb. 9 – Cleveland, Ohio – State Theatre
Feb. 10 – Louisville, KY – Palace Theatre
Feb. 11 – Chicago, Illinois – Auditorium Theatre
Feb. 12 – St. Louis, MO – Fox Theatre
Feb. 14 – Dallas/GP – Verizon Theatre
Feb. 17 – Los Angeles, CA – Nokia Theatre
Feb. 18 – Las Vegas – The Pearl at Palms Concert Theater
Feb. 19 – Oakland, CA – Paramount Theatre
Feb. 23 – Cincinnati, OH – Aronoff P&G
Feb. 24 – Detroit, MI – Fox Theatre
Feb. 25 – Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee Theatre
Feb. 28 – Toronto, ON – Sony Theatre
March 1 – New York, NY – Theatre at MSG
March 2 – Atlantic City, NJ – Mark G. Etess Arena
March 3 – Washington, D.C. – Constitution Hall
March 8 – Atlanta, GA – Fox Theatre
March 10 – Southaven, MS – De Soto Civic Center
March 11 – Nashville, TN – Municipal Auditorium

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  1. Janair

    I cnt wait!! Wish he wud come to Columbus, OH. I missed him like twice. Hopefully I can find someone to go wit me to Louisville since it’s da closest place near me. #TeamSongz. Love his mxtps. My fav song offa Anticipation2 r Find Your Love, Still Scratchin Me Up, Me 4 U Infidelity 2, Flights & Skype n Good Feelings.



    2012 is the year Mr.Songz hopefully humbles himself and finally go platinum, nothing worse then a barely gold artist acting like a multiplatinum superstar


    justin. Reply:

    @ITAINTYOBABY, <<<<<< this!


    RespectThisChick Reply:

    @ITAINTYOBABY, The fact that you went out of your way to tell him to humble himself like you know him
    Let’s me know he’s a much bigger deal to you than you care to admit. He is humble. Starting his own charity, performing just to raise money for people in need, asking his die hard fans to give back to their communities but you wanna sit here and tell him what he should be doing. If he’s not that big of a deal why are you reading his tour date schedule? And why do you care to comment…oh!


    Mizzr3d Reply:

    @RespectThisChick, lmao! girl you better say that!!!


    TremaineSlays Reply:

    @RespectThisChick, Lmfao yes girl PREACH!! Like Trey said “If my fans are happy…I truly could give a fuck about the rest of you.”


    realazzchelle Reply:

    @RespectThisChick, THANK YOU COSIGNING LIKE A MUH!!!!!


  3. Forch Fabalon

    He puts on a good show, all the ladies will be there!


  4. Stirr



  5. Mitchell S Jackson

    He’s so cute. I loved playing pacman with him. I just wanted to eat him up


  6. tues part 2

    keep doing yr thing Trey songz


  7. nicegirl

    He’s cute…but there’s something that’s missing in his music.


  8. _omgitsjourdiee

    im thereeeeeeeeeeee


  9. ILoveIt

    Trey is humble, and cool as hell. I will be there of course.


  10. iSparks87

    @RespectThisChick Let em know!!!


  11. @TreysFolgersYup

    Funny how the more that man reaches the pinnacle of his success, the taller the HATERS wanna stand.. I’ma need y’all to “sit down!”

    For those who have met or had any connection with Tremaine (the man behind Trey Songz) we already know what type of person he is, just as we know he has demonstrated the depth of his humility countless times before us and in front of the world.. There is no need to explain him, his music, or his character to anyone… We already know what it is and so do the shit talkers…..

    Everyone will not be a fan n that’s ok. It ain’t for everybody!

    Now, for the fans n ANGELS on this blog ====> #Anticipation2our ARE YOU #Ready …. Whoop!


  12. realazzchelle

    know the man before you pass judgement…but there’s no way you can deny he’s a humble giving kind hearted man. the fact that you take the time to comment in itself says you clocking him soooooo…. anyways two great artist with great showmanship can’t wait!


  13. Bri

    Why hasn’t a single album of Trey Songz gone platinum? Because he lacks depth to his music? Because he sounds like a goat in heat? Because he CAN’T SING? Yes to all of the above. Chris Brown has the look PLUS the talent. What a shame. #TeamBreezy.


    RespectThisChick Reply:

    @Bri, You sad pathetic chick. You up here reppin team breezy but you reading a post about Trey songz. Must be because you interested in when he’ll be in your city cuz secretly you know you wanna go. What’s wrong boo? You can’t afford the treys angels membership so you sticking with the team that only exists on twitter? Now if I hit you with the low blow about chris brown I’d be wrong right? But I’m not gonna do that cuz chris and Trey are friends and even tho his fans like you are ignorant I won’t make him suffer for it.


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