will.i.am Unveils IAMAUTO Car


will.i.am is getting behind the wheel of a new business venture. The enterprising Black Eyed Peas frontman debuted his new automobile on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

The white futuristic vehicle, which he calls IAMAUTO, was developed to create more jobs in the East Los Angeles neighborhood where he grew up.

“I’m a big technology freak and a geek and I invested my money in building my own vehicle ’cause I want to bring jobs to the ghetto that I come from,” explained will. “I invested in making a demo to start the Black Eyed Peas, now I want to invest to have a car company in the neighborhood where I come from.”

The vehicle was built using OEM parts from Chrysler and features a Beats by Dr. Dre sound system. “It’s sick, it’s really fresh,” said will, who will drop his solo album #willpower later this year.

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  1. coolio

    Not my type of car, but if it’s for a good cause then I’m for it.


  2. luvlife

    Great! I love the idea of going back and helping out his community.


  3. WANTSIAmAMartian



  4. BasicComplexity

    Now my question is how much will it roughly cost because it looks crazy expensive.


  5. Teeezy

    That car is nice! & that’s cool he’s doing things for the community !


  6. Okay...

    so he’s going to pay poor people to make a more than likely expensive ass car. Looks nice though.


  7. Tommy22026

    that’s really cool… idea, car, everything… it Does look expensive as hell though.


  8. nicegirl

    Looks cool!! If he designed that whole car by himself, he’s very clever and inventive.


  9. yameen moosa

    dam i think dats cool well done william you got swag and i think its awsome what your doing empowering your community is a good thing god bless and keep making music. looking forward to ur new album


  10. jabu blek nkosi

    good one .thats what evri one must do give back to the community that supported u, not bitches…thanx w.i.l.l.i.a.m u deserve a rain of blessings.


  11. senzo ferrari

    Brilliant idea to give back to the community that has supported your career from the start, but I AM not keen on the name, maybe Comptom would’ve been better.


  12. Hugh

    Will is a great guy to do this for his hood
    He has come so far!


  13. Nul.uis

    Its going to flop. He will lose money and eventually, the workers will have to find new jobs again. If the focus is on making top-end cars with OEM spares from Chrysler, he will get dominated by the big boys who can boast better service, years of experience, and better craftsmanship.

    I sincerely do hope it works out though.


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  15. tazereli

    Hey Bill…stick to your day job…and stop employing 8 year olds to design cars…using OEM parts from Chrysler…first mistake…trying to convince people to pay probably in excess of 100K for a crappy 300C…second mistake…I shouldn’t need to go on.


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  17. matt

    what an ugly pos


  18. edirtysicks

    This car is ugly as shit. Looks to me like someone stole the old design from Maserati. Will must really like the Shamal, I’d bet my millions he will flop.


  19. blue adidas

    If he really wants to help the community, design something that will actually sell and that doesn’t look like a kit car from the 80s.


  20. Bobby

    Awesome idea, poor execution. That car is hideous. Looks like an 80′s back to the future delorian reject. Will should probably hire a real design staff first. No sense in building a car that no body wants, who would he be helping then?


  21. Pumesta

    lol at him designing and building his own car. He paid West Coast Customs to butcher a DeLorean


  22. Kuane

    Wow what an ugly POS. I hope this never comes to fruition. Also If you build that in East Los your employees will rob you blind.


  23. Ven0m0uS

    That thing looks like a delorean…


  24. matt

    will it also have a weak engine and be incredibly slow yet “fast” looking like a dalorean?


  25. Jake

    Futuristic? It’s clearly a Delorean with an ugly ass bodykit.


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  27. malikMJdope

    WOW who does this WILL is a Monster he’s the first one i’ve heard to do this I hope they r affordable when everything gets rolling


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  29. SammyJenkins

    Ok this IS a Delorean… just with a lame bodykit on and a pretty decent motor dropped in. If he’s going to be considered an auto maker, then I guess so is the 18 yr old down the street.


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  33. erzhik

    why do everyone think he designed the car himself? Look at it. Remind you of something? Well yes, it’s a Delorian but a million times uglier.


  34. kani k.

    it looks like a cheap made-in-china toy car made into real life size.


  35. From Tokyo

    Lot of bitter-sounding haters on here. And I don’t even like will.i.am.


  36. ED

    Yes the car was INSPIRED by a Delorean (which he does mention in other interviews, such as the Topgear one), but if you look at pics of a stock DMC12, this car looks only very remotely similar, much like how a new Mustang looks very roughly similar to certain older models.
    I think it looks fresh, and it really suits the branding of someone like Will.I.Am. Its sharp, smart, retro, yet with an uber-modern twist. The detailing in the kit looks fantastic, too…


  37. jzEllis

    OH LAWD!! what a ASStastic abomination of a perfectly good Delorean!! this actually looks worse than the re-bodied classic Vette he has! excellent case of more money than taste.

    his heart is in the right place, but anyone who has seen him talk about the project knows NO CLUE about cars or the auto business. he keeps referring to how he had it built from scratch, when it’s well documented that he just customized a old Delorean. now my question; is he just a raging attention whore, or does he really believe that no-one will check into what he says…


  38. Mond

    To help the community it should be something dull and cheap that the masses will buy…


  39. kr1pl3d

    He had west coast customs build him an ugly body kit for a delorean and paint it white. The idiot got it impounded for driving with no plates or registration. He should stick to making beats on his computer. Fail. I guess he wants to be like Nike and employ people to build things they can never afford.


  40. independent.academia.edu


    Rap-Up.com || will.i.am Unveils IAMAUTO Car

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