Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, & Rihanna Nominated for BRIT Awards

Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé

Some of America’s biggest stars are invading the BRIT Awards. Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Jay-Z and Kanye West have been announced as nominees at Britain’s prestigious awards show.

Rihanna and new mom Beyoncé will compete against their female counterparts including Lady Gaga, Bjork, and Feist for International Female Solo Artist at the U.K. equivalent to the Grammys.

Four-time Grammy nominee Nicki Minaj is up for International Breakthrough Act, vying against Aloe Blacc, Bon Iver, Foster the People, and Lana Del Rey.

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s The Throne scores a nod for International Group, while Bruno Mars picks up a nomination for International Male Solo Artist.

Britain’s own Adele and Jessie J will face off for British Female Solo Artist and British Single at the 32nd annual ceremony, taking place February 21 at London’s O2 Arena.

Click here for a complete list of nominees.

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  1. Kwayzee

    February will be such a huge month for Nicki. The Album, MAC, GRAMMYs, Super Bowl, and now BRIT. Im so proud :)


  2. stel

    Beyonce better win that! First woman, and first african american woman Headliner at Glatsonbury? Who else did that? I rest my case.


    Billionaire Reply:

    @stel, Not to burst your bubble or anything but Rihanna won that award at last year’s show just google it! This would be Rihanna’s second time winning if she does.


    Lauryn Reply:

    @Billionaire, Oh please.


    Jaymalls Reply:

    @Billionaire, Listen to what @stel said u dumb b…


    echmel Reply:

    hello how are you doing


    Weber from Brazil Reply:

    @stel, actually you kinda wrong! Kylie Minogue also was a headliner at Glatsonbury back in 2010. Plus, She had been booked to headline in 2005, only to have to pull out after being diagnosed with breast cancer.
    anyway… I’ll be happy if any of them win the Brit Awards :)


    SincerelyChRis Reply:

    @Weber from Brazil, Lol If You Read Carefully It Specifically Said First “African American Woman” To Perform At Glastonbury Not First Woman :)


  3. AAA

    They all gonna win


  4. yolanda



  5. Billionaire

    Congrats to all but there could only be 1 winner in each category so #GOODLUCK2ALL


  6. buddyreal

    im trippin. 1st glance i thought it said BET awards


  7. lol

    y are u fighting over who should win rihanna or beyonce im happy that black females are doing there thing and its a blessing and all rihanna fans do is bash beyonce and beyonce fans bash rihanna u really should stop they dont bash eachother


    brandon Reply:

    @lol, tank. You. a. men.


  8. ummmm

    eww i didnt like the pic they use for nicki or bey beyonce pic was ok she just look like she didnt have on a bra and nicki looked like a tranny


  9. youMADstayMAD

    :o OMG Nicki! i’m so-i’m so-i’m so-i’m so proud of her! this is a BIG year for Nicki! hell yeah, my fave is SLAYING and snatching wigs! 2.14.12 <<—– Nicki Minaj – Pink Friday : Roman Reloaded || Romantines Day


  10. echo

    so this must be before nicki’s nose job…


  11. Really?

    This event is after the planned release of Nicki’s second album so I say her album will OBVIOUSLY get pushed back, all YMCMB do: Tyga, Drake, Twist, Weezy, Birdman….

    I say the album will be released in early summer to the late.


    ok Reply:

    @Really?, I wass thinking the same thing but I hope not


  12. nicegirl

    Go Bey, Jay and Kanye!!!


  13. cece

    i doubt be cares bout winning another award which is why she’ll never show up too another one. she has 16grammys she’s good


  14. RDK

    i see you nicki,gratz to them all.


  15. sj7

    im from england and the brits are crap ppl. so boring


  16. sex


    [...] || Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, & Rihanna Nominated for BRIT Awards[...]…

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