50 Cent Cashes In on Giants’ Victory

50 Cent

The Giants weren’t the only winners this weekend. New York’s own 50 Cent bet big on his home team and ended up collecting when they defeated the San Francisco 49ers in Sunday’s playoff game to advance to the Super Bowl. The hip-hop tycoon showed off his earnings (rumored to be $500,000) on Twitter, posing with racks on racks of $100 bills.

“Just watched a 500,000 dollar foot ball game get on my level,” tweeted 50, who plans to share his wealth with his grandmother. “I’m giving this money to my nana she gonna faint LMAO all she do is go to the church.”

50 Cent Wins Big

50 Cent Wins Big

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  1. jesse tapia

    im ready


  2. @daworldaintflat

    Time to turn up.


  3. ed

    must be nice… that’s sweet of him to give it to his mom though.


  4. cooleyhigh

    50 stay getting paid..


  5. Isis

    What an idiot.


    jamie Reply:

    @Isis, hating because you aint got money like that… People also so hateful and shit.


  6. Mane

    @ isis U sound like d idiot føol


  7. pop-a-wheelie

    Isis you are the epitome of a hater, this man just made half a mil and he’s giving it to his nana.Its because of that hater mentality that youll always be stagnant and unsuccessful.


  8. SK

    @Isis. You upload a pic with $500 not $500,000 !! Hatin on a fif.


    Cranberry Reply:

    @SK, why? Isis probably has…ya know…CLASS.


  9. nicegirl

    Well, i’m happy that he gave it to his grandmother.


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  11. Shortygirl43

    I think it is cool that he is giving it to his Grandma. is heart is in the right place for sure.


  12. Shortygirl43



  13. S.Carolia Native

    what 500,000 dam 50 gettin it in just dis year he received abt 8 million off of stocks now off of betting do yo thing hommie i think your G-MA will be very happy to take apart of that to church with her


    tyler Reply:

    @S.Carolia Native, right


  14. DannyBoy

    Do your thing Fif!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. indywidualna


    [...]Rap-Up.com || 50 Cent Cashes In on Giants’ Victory[...]…

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