Drake Describes Dangerous Journey to Sundance [Video]


“I’m so excited to be here and be alive,” shared Drake, while recounting his harrowing trek to Park City, Utah, for Sundance. After enduring a four-hour flight delay and blizzard, he made his way to the Bing Bar and spoke with Ross Mathews about his performance and plans for the weekend, which included some movie watching, skiing, and celebrating. “I just want to party and drink alcohol,” said Drizzy.

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  1. KingdomOfMace

    THE INTERVIEWER!!!! do_0b


  2. ThatGoodShxt

    Drake is seems very comfortable hmmm…


  3. DrakeTakeCare

    yes he does…DRAKE KING
    u gotta like/love him…


  4. Booked

    That interviewer voice is mad annoying & I hope you not tryna say Drake is gay just because he gave him answers and he’s smiling because thats just how he is Get a Life!


  5. nicegirl

    Haha the interviewer.


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