Video: Bow Wow f/ Lil Wayne – ‘Sweat’

Lil Wayne and Bow Wow

Bow Wow celebrates new beginnings in the futuristic video for “Sweat,” the first single from his Cash Money debut Underrated, due March 13. The 24-year-old rapper is joined by his YMCMB family including Lil Wayne and Birdman in the CGI visuals. He rides through in a Bugatti, while his female co-star takes a guitar and smashes his plaques.

“Each of these plaques resembles my old albums,” explained Bow Weezy. “She gonna take the guitar and she gon’ smash all of ‘em. It’s representing a new beginning, my coming up with YMCMB. Out with the old, in with the new plaques.”

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  1. uhuh

    i feel sorry for bow


    Lauryn Reply:

    @uhuh, Can someone catch these fools! Cheap-ass Bow Wow talking sh_t as always, pay yo damn taxes and stop shooting wackass video’s like these!


    Triniti Reply:

    @Lauryn, THANK YOU.


  2. MzJuneBWN

    I love this song :)


  3. #NewVideo :: BOW WOW F/ LIL WAYNE – ‘SWEAT’ | TopicPls

    [...] via @Rap-Up [...]

  4. @IamMrHAndsome

    oHhh So We Singing Now?

    Its Dumb to smash the old plaques.

    It took years to get them #SMH10x

    #Decent video

    Not a Lil Wayne Fan!


  5. Sherelle Costa

    Love it he’s looking sexy as always and im so happy it made #1 on 106


  6. my name is oo

    Hello Bow Wow, Can U Bring Ciara Into Your Album? :)


  7. XO till we overdose

    bow wow grew physically
    but musically, he’s only gotten worse since wanted.


    ughrealy Reply:

    @XO till we overdose,

    Have you heard his mixtapes

    look up “10 minutes of Bow Wow’s Hottest Flows” on youtube.

    I think he has poor single selection, but he’s def stepped up (he was already nice)


  8. Neon

    Wait………… he sings now?


  9. nicegirl

    Why is he singing??

    I WAS looking forward to Bow Wow’s album, but if the album sounds anything like this, I know I and many other people will be disappointed.


  10. Sharp Tongue

    I’m not feeling this sorry.


  11. B

    He sang on “You can get it all” so why is this a surprise lol DOPE song, plus its #1 on 106 in 5 days, name someone else who did that. Salute Bow


  12. Oibaf

    i mean he could of done better for a single . You cant judge the album just because of this one song, im pretty sure the album is dope .


  13. mikkey

    love wayne(no-homo) but seeing him doing to dougie on this makes me cringe for some reason, i guess because of his age..


  14. ughrealy

    Great video. Looks like a futuristic movie & I like how the model breaks all his platinum albums at the end with the meaning that he is with a new label now so time to succeed on this side.

    Song is cool. Catchy enough to nod to. Doesn’t need Wayne..but the “dead dog” line is good. I don’t think this is the album sound cuz his feature artist like Talib & Musiq wouldnt do songs like this


  15. BlahBlah



  16. Rap*

    im not sure but does wayne wear his cross once again upside down?


  17. kels

    the chorus, lil wayne’s verse and the beat are the only good things about this song


  18. eli

    wayne killed dis sh*t


  19. Lisa

    Bow Wow looks very comfortable and is leaking confidence in this video… This reminded me of the how music videos were made around late 90s, early 00s. I just wish he would work on his music a little bit more, ’cause this song is mediocre at best in my opinion.


  20. WRTW?

    This is like Lollipop three years late


  21. NA$

    fuuuuuucccckkkkkiiiiiinnnnn trash
    wut is dis migdet tryna say, ‘em nd his big ass head


  22. becca



  23. Cakes

    he’s still sexy tho. can’t deny it :)


  24. Sasha

    Lame ! Sounds a bit like Lollipop !!!


  25. leke



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