Video: Brianna Perry – ‘Stay Schemin’ (Freestyle)’

Brianna Perry

Brianna Perry shows off her rhymes and rides in the video for her freestyle to Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin’.” The 20-year-old “Marilyn Monroe” rapper rolls through her hometown of Miami in a black Ford Excursion. She pulls up to the club, clicking her red bottoms while holding court with her mentor Trina. Cruise through the MIA with Brianna.

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  1. Yeah

    she……..ok :/



    @Yeah, She’s a breath of fresh air. Something different.


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @Yeah, Please, she’s a mess. Thank god for the Queen 4/3/12..Minaj rules once again. These other hoes can have a seat.


    @SickOn_SWAGG Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, I’m A Huge Supporter of Nicki Minaj, but people with attitudes like yours are the reason why female rappers have trouble in the game now. Support both. If You don’t like the other don’t comment b/c it’s pointless. Your Only Doing the OPPOSITE of what you want to happen…making her Famous!


  2. Brianna

    Ya I see alot of potential in her!


  3. Ron'Do

    Love ha love ha


  4. OhboI

    She coo! Props


  5. BArbieboy

    :_she the shitt<#


  6. MinajRules2012

    A hot mess. No room for her here.


    uh....hold up lil boo Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, the shade.


  7. Truth Seeker

    I listened but didn’t comment.


  8. Sharp Tongue

    She’s on the right path.


  9. drifter

    She is fresh air,new blood,im diggin her,we need a new breed of females,


  10. Felipe

    She’s just like that Beyoncé alter-ego.. Sasha Fierce


  11. nicegirl

    Love this. This is way better than Marilyn Monroe.


    dfghj Reply:

    @nicegirl, marilyn monroe is a dope track..nobody can deny that


  12. OOL Uh Uh

    Yall some straight the fuck up haters. Let the young chick evolve. Everyone is not gonna be Foxy, at 16, coming out the gate. Yall let that wicked Nicki come up off them steps in she’s the “best” thing since sliced bread. GTFOH. Young girl has potential. I bet she has more than any of you hens, biting her head off.

    Blacks and you crab barrel ways.


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  14. andrew

    trash & trash song anyway


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