Trailer: Waka Flocka Flame f/ Drake – ‘Round of Applause’

Waka Flocka Flame

“When greed sets in, it becomes a dirty game,” says Waka Flocka Flame in the cinematic trailer for “Round of Applause” co-starring Drake and “Basketball Wives L.A.” star Draya.

Waka comes looking for his girl at the strip club, but the owner, played by Drizzy, is not willing to help. “I don’t usually get involved in shit like this, man,” a suspicious Drake tells him.

The Mr. Boomtown-directed video, shot in Los Angeles and Atlanta, will premiere in the coming days.


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  1. jstrench

    this reminds me alot tygas rack city .. both are strip club song.. but the video has a plot..


  2. Oibaf

    @jstrench , i agree


  3. [email protected]

    Waka Flame sounds like Wuba Wuba Wuba on every Track,,,, correct me please…. it’s like the same Piano Key..)dk


  4. 2 rule

    waka the best rapper #squadddddddddd


  5. Bee_26

    I like the song but why Waka getting all fake serious lol. It’s a strip club anthem sir.


  6. Chris

    haha I don’t know why but I just couldn’t hold back a laugh when Drake said “shit”… such a mobster!! :-|


  7. nicegirl

    Another strip club video?? SMH.


  8. Honesty

    I Louee This Song , Everytime It Come On I HAVE To Dance To It


  9. CarlosBonegro

    i could not shot cringing when i seen drakes part
    why does he have a knife?


  10. OVOXOBitchh

    Awww shittt , Drizzy playinq a mobster , yessss he looked so damn qood i had to watch it twice !


  11. Hugh

    Yay Drake acting :)


  12. jay_juvenile

    HAAA!!! i can’t wait for this!!!


  13. richelle

    damn flockas fye ta death
    ****(Ms DoPe GuRl FrEsH)*****


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