New Music: Wiz Khalifa – ‘Mary 3x’

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa shows his loyalty to his drug of choice on “Mary 3x,” a smokers’ anthem off his upcoming mixtape Taylor Allderdice. “All I need is Mary, Mary, Mary/ I ain’t fuckin’ with no other drug,” sings the unabashed pothead on the laid-back track. Get high with Wiz.


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  1. my name is oo

    @Slim I.D., hi :)


  2. Yeah

    it’s ok :)


  3. Dat nigga

    Ight wiz imma hav 2 use this when rolling up


  4. CarlosBonegro

    now this is more like it wizzle kid


  5. Yeah

    stupid sh*t, lame music, make better shit


  6. Chris Mettler

    Kno one knows him like i do. i used to party with Wiz in Pitt. Get @ me


  7. lyric commander lee

    …how many songs is u really gonna make about blzin…i mean really


  8. Chris Mettler

    stop complaning man


  9. Chris Mettler

    u guys dnt kno what real music is. Mayback!, Cash Money, Birdman!


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