Video: Waka Flocka Flame f/ Drake – ‘Round of Applause’

Drake and Waka Flocka Flame

Good girl goes bad in the long-awaited video for Waka Flocka Flame’s strip club anthem “Round of Applause.” The Mr. Boomtown-directed clip opens with a flashback of Waka and his girl, played by Draya from VH1’s “Basketball Wives L.A.,” who gets caught up with the wrong crowd and becomes a “fixture of the underworld.” Cut to present day Waka walking through the club, Foghorn Leghorn chain on deck, in pursuit of his lost love.

His collaborator Drake also makes a cameo, wilding out alongside Waka in a room full of lightbulbs. The dramatic scene from the teaser is missing, but there is supposedly a second part coming. Buss it open below.

[MTV Buzzworthy]

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  1. :O youMADstayMAD

    DOPE sh*t!


    Hannah Reply:



    Jstamir Reply:

    @Hannah, u can’t say that to the artist who was chosen as nm 2 hottest mc in tha game n That other pussy wasn’t even top ten list I bet his wetting ur Girl/Boyfriend watever u at u fckin dry bjtch


  2. OVOXOBitchh

    I was expectinq so much more , but my baby looked qood nevertheless ; btw where is the part where Drake & Waka have the convo in the office


  3. @iJustoriginate

    I wanted to see the Twerk Team!!! lol >:(


    driko Reply:

    @@iJustoriginate, you can see the twerk team at 00:44 sec


  4. Mike

    Canada dry just doesn’t fit in lmfao and Waka is kinda wack -_-


  5. St8juice

    Twerk team !!!!!


  6. DrakeTakeCare

    @mike & @hanna u fukking haters go n sukk horsedikks
    DRAKE THE KING HE KILLED IT AGAIN!!!! like everything else in the rap-scene!


  7. Really?

    short bus shawty featuring canada dry


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    [...] via @Rap-UpSeen this?: #ClubParadiseTour :: Drake & Waka Flocka Perform ‘Round of Applause’ Live in Kentucky [Video] [...]

  9. frenchie

    y u ppl like talking shit when u don’t like someone, this a great video n both kill it ya just <<<>>>


  10. frenchie

    crazy ass haters


  11. Triniti

    Yeah….I really just listened for Drizzy lol.


  12. chris

    dmx hates drake n rickross coz they fake


    jj Reply:

    @chris, who gives a shit about what that crack head likes
    get at me when that druggie can stay his dumb ass out of jail


  13. mrsotw

    i always liked this song, when they play it at the club females go crazy, and i like that the video has a story concept to it, i wouldn’t expect that from waka flocka


  14. Stre3t Danc@

    The song is fire, I always loved it, but the video, chile!! No twerking…really? -___- You got Twerk team and they just clappin with their hands SMH


  15. make cents

    booo. They sound special


  16. ashley

    I love me some Waka


  17. tay nicole

    Drake is the realist, Waka is something nice ta look at,not so much to hear tho lol. & Draya is gettin money! Damn i wnna model & be on the screen wit some real niggas like drake one day=)


  18. Say word

    But how come the director didn’t let the twerk team dance, doh!?


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