Willow Smith Dyes Her Hair Green

Willow Smith

Willow Smith is all about the green. Only weeks after shaving her head and bleaching it, the pint-sized fashionista has switched up her hair once again. She traded her blonde dome for bright green, showing off the look in one of Tyler, the Creator’s tie-dye Goblin shirts.

The “Whip My Hair” singer is the latest star to go green. Pharrell recently debuted his green-hued hair at the Oscars and Paris Fashion Week.

What do you think of Willow’s latest look? Check out more pics below.

Willow Smith

Willow Smith

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  1. Lucki

    I try not to be judgemental, but the vibe I’m getting from her recent pics and actions are striking me as less than positive…especially for what, a 10 year old? Hmmm…


    StarsAreBlind Reply:

    @Lucki, Yeah because green hair and tie-dye is strictly for mature adults. I agree, children should all fit into a box until they’re old enough to do what they want, and then when they are they’re considered to mature for it (fun life). She should watch cartoons not look like them because that’s just out of the question.


  2. my name is oo

    Tomorrow go to a barbershop and look at the real mirror.


  3. Shade

    Going to far now


  4. jay

    man Will & Jada just let this kid do whatever she likes!


  5. ac3

    who cares? this kid should not be given attention, shes abusing it. her parents are letting her abuse it and its not gonna be pretty for her down the long run.


  6. antoinette



  7. Spartenia

    Just interesting…


  8. Redchainsaw

    It seems like she does something different every few months,I understand some parents let their kids have creative input into their appearance,but at some point it has to stop! There’s nothing wrong with her hair color!its just her age,she’s only 11


  9. RL

    This is not music related post at all. Pointless to be honest and her parents should not allow her do what she wants. She is only a kid


    Whatcha_Sayin Reply:

    @RL, Thank you. I do not care what his kid does every 5 minutes to her hair! All she is achieving by pulling these ‘rebellious’ acts is highlighting her ears


  10. Insider

    So … where is her music?


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  13. coolio

    i like her shirt lol


  14. SomethingElsee

    okay okay okay.. I’m all about pro-expressing yourself.. but she just needs calm it a bit now.. make up for mind


  15. ojie king

    If she were in school, she her hair colour would be the least of her worries.


  16. Rihanna Fan

    She must be bored.


  17. CarlosBonegro

    the fact that all of you are commenting saying her parents dont JUST because she keeps changing her hair is so funny and makes you all look so stupid ITS HAIR IT GROWS BACK IT IS NOT A BIGGY AT ALL especially since none of you know her or have to see her


    SdotB Reply:

    @CarlosBonegro, i sure hope u don’t have kids…


  18. Phoenix_Wright

    A cry for attention? eh maybe, or she is just having fun, I mean it’s just hair anyway


  19. Stre3t Danc@

    What’s the point of having green hair, tho?


  20. Rap*

    The smiths are such a disappointment.

    She hangs around a dude who raps j e s u s is gay and raping women and now this?

    Nobody cares about this poor child.

    Well, if thats how scientolgy is raising their
    kids….lets stay far away from it.
    Yes, they said, they are not but i believe, they are.


  21. Rap*

    The smiths are such a disappointment. Poor girl


  22. Audrey Hepburn

    Not really worried about the green hair – I’m more worried about the Tyler the Creator shirt she’s wearing. He’s definitely not an ideal influence for her.


  23. The World

    She’s at fly zone!! Kids love the place and adults (me)


  24. DRB

    Umm why do we care what a kid does to their hair? It’ll grow back if she wants it to, its not that serious. OMG, she’s 11, this that and the third. Nobody says anything when babies get their ears pierced or as long as the hair is long as hair burettes in it.


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  26. Brass_knucklez

    So there are little girls out here getting pregnant and doing drugs and you guys are worried about the girl who dyed her hair a different color??????? 0_o Get a fucking life and direct that negtivity where it’s actually necessary. Losers.


  27. kc

    where are her parents again…oh yeah counting her money lol


  28. DRB

    Again, its hair dye. She’s not f*cking the entire middle school (or slobbing knobs behind the dumpster)


  29. Tami

    How long til you retards realize its hair spray? Lol she changed it every week . Next week it will be a new color. No one cares leave her be


  30. Triniti

    Slow news day.


  31. KOS-MOS-18

    She looks like a boy without long her long hair


  32. gordi

    has all the style of his father


  33. Guccesha Ivy

    she just having Fun some of yall seem too judgemental on her ain’t nothing but a lil 11 year old kid that’s having fun


  34. Sharp Tongue

    She need to sit her little ass down somewhere.


  35. bray

    Ummmm OK WOW she has no boundaries where here parents at?? I used to like her She aint whipping her hair no more


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  37. AEROL

    She should star on Karate Kid instead of her brother.


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