Album Cover: Rye Rye – ‘Go! Pop! Bang!’

Go! Pop! Bang!

Rye Rye shines bright on the colorful cover of her debut Go! Pop! Bang! Baltimore’s 21-year-old dynamo calls on Bangladesh, Pharrell, Tyga, and her mentor M.I.A. for the long-awaited project, which includes the singles “Sunshine” featuring M.I.A., the Robyn-assisted “Never Will Be Mine,” and the Vengaboys-sampled “Boom Boom.” The soundtrack to summer arrives May 15 on N.E.E.T. Recordings/Interscope.

What do you think of Rye Rye’s eye-popping artwork? Let us know.

[Thanks to Team Rye Rye]

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  1. Lol



    RomanReloaded4/3/12 Reply:

    @Lol, LMAO!!!! She looks like a drag queen in this pic..Please Roman Reloaded, SLAYS!!!!!! This chick is tired, needs to sit down. Go back to serving burgers. DONE!


    lio Reply:

    @RomanReloaded4/3/12, you are such a fag. Omg Rye Rye is way diffrent than Nicki Minaj so why you even comparing the two. Rye Rye had that colorful style way before Nicki anyways so learn about your female hiphop. Nicki old as a bitch anyways its time for these young girls to shine RYE RYE, Kreayshawn, Iggy Azalea, Azealia Banks all 21 nicki is 30 yrs old hahaha bitch is done after her new wack ass roman reloaded


  2. wassup

    I like it! Its better than the Roman Reloaded cover. But that jacket is wack ;/ sorry rye usually your style is on point but its gross *updates iTunes artwork*


  3. TheTruth

    Well…… it sholl is colorful lol


  4. RomanSlayys

    I’m Not Trying To Be Rude But Who Is She?


    TheTruth Reply:

    The same could be said about you, no shade.


  5. Da Fox'z Don

    OMFG what is this FOOLERY?!? LOL


  6. Couture

    YASSS BITCH, I have been waiting for this album, I love Rye Rye.


  7. Truth

    She looks like a man in that pic. Rupauls long lost cousin maybe?


  8. franksan

    ‘f u don’t know, u will know.


  9. Drew



  10. CharlieTheUnicorn

    yo maaaddd love for this girl when she performed at a private engagement she let me and my friend in WITH HER!!!!! omg i love love love her!!! she is totally legit


  11. RomanReloaded4/3/12

    This is just clownery!!! Is she serious??? How can she EVER compete with Queen Minaj with this wack cover??? Lmao!! Someone say this is a joke?


    Qwerty Reply:

    @RomanReloaded4/3/12, this is better than Nicki’s cover. her cover looks wack and cheap.


    ? Reply:

    @RomanReloaded4/3/12, Omg how are you judging and comparing artists by their album covers? They’re both in different lanes. There can be more than one female rapper at one time too so calm down


  12. nicoyuki

    Love Rye Rye been with this chick since shake to the ground. Cant wait. For the album. And for those of you who doing know her, this is her stlye, she is like M.I.A mixed with a little bit of kid sister.


  13. Phoenix_Wright

    Don’t like the cover, wishing her the best though


  14. Kyle

    I’m not really a fan of that picture of her. Everything else is on point. I think she looks better on the cover of the “Boom Boom” single cover. Her hair just looks stupid. Regardless though I’m buying this album!!!


  15. Ello

    I like everything, except “RyeRye” colors.


  16. Songstress

    I’m actually excited for Rye Rye and glad she’s with M.I.A. they make a great team and Rye Rye has been in the industry for a while so the best of luck goes to her! It is a long way from my sweet lil Baltimore !


  17. ashton

    yall ignorant as shit , ppl stay hating , & wtf is yall doing ? nothing ! she is making moves , go head Rye Rye , im happy for you <3


  18. astar

    Way better than Nicki’s cover. It’s her style and colors and I like the Rye Rye words.


  19. Joyams



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