Video: Wiz Khalifa – ‘Brainstorm’

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa gets fresh for the stage in the slow motion video for “Brainstorm,” a cut off his mixtape Taylor Allderdice. After putting on his designer threads, the Taylor Gang leader performs for his fans with gin and joint in hand. He unwinds backstage with some push-ups, champagne, and more kush. Catch the high.

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  1. my name is oo

    He’s my favorite <3


  2. BKNYhustle

    This beat sounds like something Quik would make.

    But the lyrics are a bunch of b.s – money money, im rich, people hate me cus im rich, got so many problems cus im rich yadda yadda.

    What a narcissistic fuck this guy has become – nobody gives a shit how much money you got.

    Look at your team, theyre starving. Sledgren still selling beats on Soundclick, Chevy Woods rockin fake jewelry.


  3. LOL



  4. christian peck

    dat shit is crankin just like all of wiz shit bitch


  5. Anna

    I think that the beat of the music is good but i’m so shocked that in that song he try to show us one of his day and the only thing he does is smoking and drinking…and he wants us to think that it is cool ; but it’s not if all days are like this. That’s a little weird …


  6. Delker Khanelera

    Amen @Anna Amen


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