New Music: Se7en – ‘Red Handed’


Former RichGirl member Se7en pours out her emotions on the revelatory “Red Handed.” The singer-songwriter, who is signed to Chris Brown’s CBE imprint, gets her heart broken when she catches her man cheating on her. “You’re like a criminal/ Feel like you’re on the loose/ Runnin’ with my heart, but there’s no catching you,” sings a fragile Se7en. Follow the trail of her tears.

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  1. OhMy

    To be honest, Se7en should of never left RichGirl cause the music that she’s making now is nothing but trash… RichGirl forever! Se7en is traitress :(


    Kalub Reply:

    @OhMy, Disagree. She has much more control now it seems.


  2. JoeyCrack

    Go Se7en! You do you!


  3. Murderer

    Se7en? What the heck. I thought it was Korean singer Se7en haha.


    Neon Reply:

    @Murderer, I KNOWW!!!!! FAAAAAAAAAA



    I think she should stick to video modeling. Who really needs another skinny chick that can’t sing?

    [Reply] Reply:

    @(the fake)

    Do you see the above?

    If your comment looks like this? Ya know? Negative…I mean what do you really have against a women tryna do her thang???

    People know it ain’t me.

    The real gives people food for thought…not poison. You gotta have that in you to give it out.

    Have a great day!

    [Reply] Reply:,


    I am a real, positive person that doesn’t go around and hate on others. I have been through too much physically and sexually, to hate on others.

    Dismiss this imposter and have a great day!



    Oh! By the way, Keep doin’ ya thang se7ven!

    There’s always gonna be some adversity…ya know…folks talkin’ about how skinny you are…but adversity is the price of progress baby!
    When you got folks tryna stop you from doin’ whatever it is you do…you are on the right track!

    Persevere! If it makes you a productive individual in our society, and it inspires other people to find their own inner peace and happiness, I support you 100%!

    [Reply] Reply:, By the way, I have struggled with aneorexia before and it is nothing to play with.

    You look cute se7en!

    Keep it up and keep it 100%!


  6. Iceman

    RichGirl’s album = NEVER COMING OUT. They REFUSE to ask for a release from Jive…er, RCA and sign to a label that’ll actually PROMOTE them, so Se7en did what she had to do.

    Good look for her there.


    Cranberry Reply:

    @Iceman, girl, stop.

    Seven started riding Chris’ coattails in the midst of a moderately successful hit- Swagga Right- and left RichGirl’s ass out to dry.

    We don’t like opportunists.


  7. Songstress

    Are you people deaf or something !? This girl is VERY talented !


  8. Keith

    I really like it.


  9. Trey S

    this girl has CRAZY songwritting skills, her voice is hot too


    Elgin Reply:

    I love this track and her voice in my opinion is probably better than the majority of female R&B artists out. I can’t wait for her to drop more material, I think her & dawn richard are gonna really big in the future


  10. sadhflsk

    THis was boring & sad

    seven needs a sassy uptempo joint for the summer, not this glass of wine, crying in the dark song


  11. bret

    I always had a thing about her being called Se7en.. being that there is also a huge kpop singer/actor by the same name who has been around longer than she has…
    i miss RichGirls


  12. yourboycelebrity

    Seven is dope.. this isnt a single. Just a Buzz track calm down Youngins smh


  13. Lauryn

    Seven has always had a great voice…I hope she goes far on team Breezy b.c. girls groups aren’t for her :P


  14. gene

    Lovin seven her voice brings tears to my ears (in love)


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