New Music: Pitbull – ‘Back in Time’ (‘Men in Black 3’ Theme)

Back in Time

Agent Armando Bond aka Pitbull reports for duty on “Back in Time,” the theme song for the upcoming sci-fi action comedy Men in Black 3 starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Mr. Worldwide penned the radio-ready record, which features a sample of Mickey & Sylvia’s 1950s hit “Love Is Strange.”

“It’s an incredible honor to be a part of such an amazing franchise as Men in Black and I have so much respect for Will Smith, especially with our similar musical backgrounds,” said Pitbull. “Wanting to keep the music fun yet modern, we used the slogan of the movie and flipped it back into the song that ‘in order to understand the future, you have to go back in time.’”

Barry Sonnenfeld, the director of MIB3, added, “My 19-year-old daughter turned me on to Pitbull. I’m thrilled that he wrote such a great song for our movie that totally gets it.”

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  1. saio

    wack as fuck
    this is fucking man in black why the fuck they can’t use the original will smith song


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  3. sounds good

    this is a grower type of song, really risky for radio but it’s catchy, pitbull sounds great. Smash!


  4. Willybigz

    Fuck pitbull!

    We need Big Willy!


  5. Bouya

    i swear nowaydays no one makes original songs anymore, its all about sampling old songs (etta james, now this song from dirty dancing OST). give me some original instrumentals! sick of the mainstream pop


  6. Kyle

    This will be a huge hit. I like the sample and it’s catchy. I agree though, nowadays there are so many samples because all the pop stuff on the radio sounds the same so people want to make something sound new but retro, so they use a sample. I swear, I would never buy a full Pitbull album but all his singles lately have been smashes.


    Wrap Reply:

    @Kyle, They’ve all been garbage. All of Pitbull’s song are the definition of mainstream crap.


  7. YMCMB

    sounds good, just the sound. T-Pain should be in it.


    Pascual Reply:

    @YMCMB, it will be awesome


  8. DJInVincible74

    The reason Pitbull makes Eletro music is because the R&B/Hip-hop market didn’t support him much. His previous R&B/Hip-hop single never made it into the top 5 of those charts so I can see why he tried something different. Maybe if R&B/Hip-hop radio would play something over 120 BPMs, it wouldn’t be be in the slumps right now. Everything played on that format is either a ballad or a ghetto-grinder.


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  10. joe franco



  11. Lampr

    Fuck. Why not Will Smith song… Pitbull’s song is crap.


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  13. Merlin

    The Summer Hit 2012


  14. livchiks7

    loti loti patik


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