Video: Brianna Perry f/ GhostWridah – ‘Slight Work (Remix)’

Brianna Perry and Ghostwridah

Brianna Perry puts in overtime on her remix to Wale and Big Sean’s “Slight Work.” The 20-year-old Florida femcee rocks curly hair and glasses as she busts rapid rhymes alongside her fellow Poe Boy artist GhostWridah. The follow-up to Brianna’s 2011 mixtape Face Off drops May 28.

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  1. carlos

    no just no


  2. Sassyandclassy

    I love this girl but why is she standing by him ughhhh I fuckin love her flow her body her hair makeup glasses everything good bye Nicki dumb ass


  3. Sassyandclassy

    I loveeeeeee this video watched it over and over bitch is bad bye bye bye Nicki garbage Minaj


  4. Sassyandclassy

    I love everything about her her flow is sick her glasses are hot her hair is dope and the bitch got a banging ass body Pow Nicki u are done the stupid young money reign is over finally ZOO company dethroned this YRB country now


  5. Elisha

    She’s fire but no need to compare her> Lets see if she can pull off Nicki figures OK


  6. Blaze

    Love Bri she been spitin hot shit since she was lil AN dude was nice too.POE boy done stepped it up


  7. Google Me

    Loving her ambitious style


  8. nickii minja AIN'T loco

    nicki minja ain’t got nothing to do with this poster if u are nicki minja stan go somewhere else. the girl brianna p Nice rap song. keep doing yr thing Bri


  9. Sharp Tongue

    She’s doing her and I’m loving the curly hair look on her.


  10. lk

    she need to be silly. she’s got no personality so far.. not saying go as far as nicki(just saying). she has a great flow i love her rhyming, but she needs a little more personality for people to remember her.


  11. Mr.1 Luvoe puls 5dayz blue

    damn this brianna p is fine as hell great flow


  12. Say word

    Yo ghost ripped it!


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