Ashanti Celebrates Sister’s 23rd Birthday with Family Affair

Tina, Shia, and Ashanti Douglas

There was lots of love in the room as the Douglas family gathered to celebrate the youngest member Shia’s 23rd birthday. Ashanti, along with parents Tina and Kenkaide, partied at Morton’s The Steakhouse in New York on Monday night. The sisters blew out the candles on three cakes, one made to honor the anniversary of Ashanti’s self-titled debut, which was released 10 years ago.

The R&B singer’s fifth album BraveHeart is scheduled to arrive on April 24 featuring appearances from R. Kelly, Keyshia Cole, and Busta Rhymes on the lead single “The Woman You Love.”

Peep more pics from the family affair below.

Tina, Shia, Kenkaide, and Ashanti

Tina, Shia, and Ashanti

Shia's 23rd Birthday

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  1. Roman Zolanski

    The Face Reads 23.But The Boobs Reads 57.


    Beyonce is desperate Reply:

    @Roman Zolanski, Lol!!!!

    I’m getting Pink Friday and BraveHeart!!!!!


    HEY RAP-UP Reply:

    @Beyonce is desperate,



  2. Songstress

    Can’t wait to get Braveheart ! I’ve been waiting for this for a while !


  3. Nique

    Can’t wait for the album!



    I love her family so real


  5. Brina

    Nice pics!!!:) Ashanti n her family looks nice!!:)


  6. Dave

    Ashanti always doing that same post with her hands on her hips, she will never changed that pose, lol. They look cute thou, didn’t know Shia was 23 thou.


  7. Kyle

    Man oh man, I can’t believe it’s been ONE DECADE since Ashanti’s debut album dropped. I still remember that time period like it was yesterday but thinking that it was 10 years ago makes me feel like I really am getting old! I’m glad she’s still grinding and I’m excited to get the new album. I think she’ll deliver a solid R&B album.


  8. bar

    nice pics, cant wait for ashanti new album #braveheart,and the new single!


  9. TheDreamer

    Can’t wait till the new album on April 24th. The whole family looks really nice.


  10. Katrina Douglas

    Really Love the picz . You all look really nice . ::)


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